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  1. Trouty
    Trouty Sepia
    Bless your heart, Sepia. The Zone is a much better place with you as a member! Go Cowboys! :)
  2. Melonfeud
    Melonfeud armadillooutlaw
    Hey buddy! Less than 3 days till T.C. starts ( about time,huh?)
    I'm looking forward to seeing you on the board some more,,take care friend
  3. Trouty
    Trouty LocimusPrime
    Don't mess with Loc's threads, suckaz!! :)
    1. LocimusPrime
      Ikr. Deez foos keep messn w my bidness
      Jul 20, 2017 at 6:46 PM
  4. Passepartout
  5. Trouty
    1. LocimusPrime
      Gulp gulp gulp. Supz bro! How's the Cali weather?
      Jul 19, 2017 at 3:25 PM
    2. Trouty
      Awesome, my boi. 85 today and breezy :)
      Jul 20, 2017 at 7:30 PM
  6. DFWJC
    DFWJC Trouty
    Lol. just noticed dave on top of the leaderboard I bet there's gnashing of teeth with certain people.
    Trouty's Tavern represents!
    1. LocimusPrime
      You bet! Gulp gulp gulpzzzz
      Jul 12, 2017
  7. Passepartout
    July Jumping
  8. haleyrules
    haleyrules WinnipegBoy22
    Hey, l always liked Winnipeg. Good to see another Canuck posting.
  9. LocimusPrime
    LocimusPrime Trouty
    Gulp gulp gulp bro
  10. Trouty
    Combat wounded 13 JUN 05, 09 DEC 05 -- 1/11 IRONHORSE
  11. Passepartout
    Happy July 4th!
  12. haleyrules
    haleyrules LocimusPrime
    hey Loci...whats doin Brother??
  13. Passepartout
    July is Here!
  14. Trouty
    Trouty LocimusPrime
    Chillin' in the club with my boi, Loc! :)
    1. LocimusPrime
      Gulp gulp gulp
      Jun 26, 2017
  15. Passepartout
    Summertime is Here!
  16. Passepartout
    Happy Father's Day!
  17. Melonfeud
    Former neighbor of rancid Crabtree
  18. haleyrules
    haleyrules Amy50632
    Amy you should post more!!
    1. Amy50632
      Jun 28, 2017
  19. Passepartout
  20. DFWJC
    DFWJC Trouty
    Some trivia for a Cali guy: did you know Jerry Jones was born in Englewood?
    1. Trouty
      I had no idea, JC!!! I know Troy was from West Covina, but never knew that about Jerry :)

      Learn something new every day :)
      Jun 3, 2017