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Feb 23, 2017 at 9:48 AM
Apr 22, 2004
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Not Old School...Old Testament...

That is a shame after all of our hard work over the year... best wishes to you all... Oct 9, 2013

trickblue was last seen:
Feb 23, 2017 at 9:48 AM
    1. trickblue
      That is a shame after all of our hard work over the year... best wishes to you all...
    2. trickblue
      I hope the administrative staff will recognize guidance has turned for the worse. CZ rep is WAY down...
    3. trickblue
      What have you done for me lately I guess... good luck to all of you and thanks for the well-wishes.
    4. trickblue
      This site has become The Ranch and in the beginning we all fought against that.
    5. trickblue
      it was disappointing that I was summarily dismissed with no chance to bow out gracefully, but that's the way it was handled... too bad.
    6. trickblue
      As long as I have been around here (over 10 years including thecowboys.net),
    7. trickblue
      It happens... I would have gladly stepped down if asked, but I was never asked... just demoted...
    8. big dog cowboy
      big dog cowboy
      TB - ditto what BP said. Take care my friend.
    9. BrAinPaiNt
      We were made aware that you were no longer a mod. We were made aware that you had NOT stepped down, made aware that Reality made the decision and that it was not done in malice.

      I wish you the best in life. I wish you, your wife and your children the best as well.

      Just wanted to let you know that in my ignorance I did not realize what had happened, that you were no longer a mod and for that I am sorry.
      1. big dog cowboy likes this.
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