News: ‘Boys Prove Jimmy Johnson’s Comments No Distraction

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    ‘Boys Prove Jimmy Johnson’s Comments No Distraction

    Josh Ellis Staff Writer

    PHILADELPHIA – The Cowboys took that country club and whopped the Eagles over the head with it in the second half Sunday.

    Less than a week after former head coach Jimmy Johnson criticized the team dynamic as constructed by owner and GM Jerry Jones and current coach Jason Garrett, the Cowboys showed they weren’t affected by this season’s latest distraction in beating the equally-desperate Eagles. The two-time Super Bowl champion suggested that Jones’ leadership undermines his head coach, who is to be fighting to save his job the rest of the season, Johnson told Dan Patrick.

    Garrett and his players were asked about Johnson’s comments frequently during their preparation for the Philadelphia trip, but promised it wasn’t of any concern.

    “I’ve been in this building for 10 years and I haven’t seen him much, all due respect to him and the championships he won,” tight end Jason Witten said after the game. “You can’t allow that to get in the way, whether you win or you lose. You’ve got to stay focused and stay together. We did a good enough job to win, but we’re still below .500 and we’ve got a lot of football to play.”

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    If anything, it might've actually lit a fire under this team.

    Jimmy was so good at psyching his players out, i wouldn't be surprised if that was his way of getting the troops fired up.

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