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    ’10 National Grades: Quarterbacks


    If things go as planned the 2010 crop of senior signal callers looks like it will be a good one, according to one of the NFL’s top scouting services. Ten passers were handed draftable grades, half of whom are considered top 100 talent. We take a look inside the numbers.
    These are the top ten graded signal callers

    1) Christian Ponder/Florida State: Ponder and Locker received the same grade, 6.7. As we told you last night, Ponder scored a big number on the pre-season wonderlic. Late 1st/Early 2nd

    2) Jake Locker/Washington: Locker’s measurables were impressive as he is a verified 6024/231lbs. Late 1st/Early 2nd

    3) Pat Devlin/Delaware: The former Penn State player will be under the scope this year as inevitable comparisons will be drawn to Joe Flacco. That is unfortunate. 2nd/3rd round

    4) Nate Enderle/Idaho: Enderle could make a big move up boards. His grade of 5.8 translates to a third round selection. He’s got great size at a verified 6042/234lbs. His pre-season wonderlic was even higher than Ponder’s score and the best of any signal caller. 3rd/4th round

    5) Jerrod Johnson/Texas A&M: There are a good number of people in the scouting community enamored with Johnson and feel he will be ahead of the curve entering the league based on the coaching he’s receiving from Mike Sherman. 3rd/4th

    6) Tyrod Taylor/Virginia Tech: Taylor received a late round grade and there are many who think a change in positions is in the offing. 5th-7th

    7) Andy Dalton/TCU: Dalton’s grade of 5.3, also translates to a late round selection. 5th-7th

    Casey Keenum/Houston: Keenum was the first of back-to-back surprises. He also received a late round grade and is considered nothing more than a back-up on the NFL level at this point. Keenum seriously considered entering last April’s draft. 5th-7th

    9) Colin Kaepernick/Nevada: While we agree Kaepernick needs work on his game his low ranking was a bit of a shock to us. We feel he’s got a great upside and improved as a passer in 2009. Kaepernick also scored incredibly well on the pre-season wonderlic. His measurables, 6045/218lbs and 4.43 in the forty, all verified, also stand out. 5th-7th

    10) Chris Dieker/Southern Illinois: Dieker received a 5.0, the lowest draftable grade on the scale. He’s got solid size (6050/228lbs) and an NFL arm. 5th-7th

    Notes: Big Ten passers Adam Webber of Minnesota, Iowa’s Ricky Stanzi and Wisconsin’s Scott Tolzien were given non-draftable grades as was Greg McElroy of Alabama. We were surpised and very much disappointed that Indiana’s Ben Chappell was not even graded as a free agent- something we completely disagree with. We think Chappell can compete for a roster spot in the NFL.

    How do these numbers compare to last year? Only two senior signal callers for the 2009 season were handed first round grades; Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy. Tebow’s grade was 6.8. The rest of the senior signal callers (Jarrett Brown, Dan LeFevour, Tony Pike) were handed mid-to-late round grades.

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