’11 NFL Draft: Scouting Georgia

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    A.J. Green has been described to us as a “1-in-25” player; a prospect that comes along just once every 25 years. While we don’t necessarily agree with that we feel Green has all the makings to be a special receiver. He’s fast, quick and explosive. Green does a great job coming back to the ball out of breaks, extends his hands then making the reception away from his frame. He plays with tremendous quickness, makes some amazing catches in contorted positions and has opposing defensive backs playing back on their heels. He’s graceful, plays with terrific balance and is relatively effective running after the catch. Green knows where he is on the field, shows terrific eye/hand coordination and effectively uses his frame to protect the pass. He will round off routes and tends to float on exit times which is a problem. And while Green fights to make the reception he has a thin frame and loses out in battles. When all is said and done Green is a tremendous playmaking receiver with the skill set necessary to be a number one wide out in the NFL.

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