05 Colts Offence Vs 93 Cowboys Offence

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Cbz40, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Cbz40

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    Both either are or were great offences so In your opinion which would you rather have & why?
  2. CowboyChris

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    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Run Emmitt, Pass Troy, Catch Irvin, Novacek, Harper etc...

    The Boys used to get me pumped up!
  4. KoRn_BoYz_5

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    93 Dallas, because we could out score people, hell and while im at it why not take the '00 ravens d so no body will score on us too :-D
  5. Cbz40

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    or the '85 Bears D........although the 93 Cowboys D wasn't too shabby.
  6. Sarge

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    So can the Colts.......

    THUMPER Papa

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    As potent as the Colts offense is it tends to score TOO quickly many times leaving the other team time to score. The 90s Cowboys offense scored a lot of points but they were usually at the end of a long and time-consuming drive with a short TD run by Emmitt to cap it off.

    I also think our 90s defense was better than the Colts is.

    That's not to say that our offense was better but that it was more effective in winning games. The Colts are one of my favorite teams and always have been since I was a big Johnny Unitas fan as a kid (I am still Johnny-U when I play QB with my black hightop cleats on).

    I really like Manning and the rest of their team. They have gone about building that team the right way and avoided the "problem" players valuing character over raw talent. They have built a TEAM rather than a collection of talented players and it is showing in their success. Manning is an extraordinary leader and an incredible talent and will end up with all of the passing records before he is through.

    Before the season, I picked the Colts to win it all (over the Panthers) and I still believe they will (ya think?). Their record is no fluke and they have beaten some of the best teams in the AFC along the way. I don't think they will go undefeated this year because Dungy is likely to rest some of his star players late in the season but they could if they played.
  8. morasp

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    Cowboys without a doubt. Multiple people have commented on it but free agency, more teams, etc. have really lowered the level of completition from what it was back than. I don't even think it would ba a contest.
  9. CrazyCowboy

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    CrazyCowboy picks Cowboys as the answer to all future POSITIVE questions!

    Go Cowboys
  10. Skip

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    93 Cowboys were better than the Colts! Nuff said!
  11. kingwhicker

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    93 Cowboys would kick the Colts A's, but because of the defense not the offense. Aikman said on Dan Patrick's radio show that he thought the Colts offense of this era was way better than the Cowboys offenses of the early 90s- of course, Aikman is a humble guy and loathe to brag about his or his team's past accomplishments-pretty much just a class guy, unlike that mousy Jersey punk on ESPN Sunday Night Football who never lets you forget how "great" he and his Smurfs, Hogs, and Fun Bunch were.
  12. joseephuss

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    The Colts are more explosive than the Cowboys were in 92-93. Wayne is better than Harper and they also have Stokely.

    The Colts problem has been beating the Patriots when New England's defense was at full strength. This season the Pats were not close to what they had been in the last few seasons. The Colts struggle against the Pats because they could not out physical the Pats. The Cowboys would have out physicaled the Pats. That is where Dallas has the advantage. The O-line would have smashed the Pats d-line. Irvin would have not been intimidated by the Pats DBs. Dallas runs more of a power running game than the Colts.

    If it was a regular season game, I take the Colts. If it is the playoffs against the top teams and defenses, I take Dallas.
  13. scottsp

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    Different eras. Different game. Are the rules as they are now? This is a passing league now. That being the case, I would go with the Colts. And it's not a matter of Peyton over Troy. I would do this because Indy's receivers go deeper than ours did. I would take Reggie Wayne and Brandon Stokley over anything not named Michael Irvin on our roster at wideout. Those guys, along with Marvin Harrison, put so much vertical pressure on a defense.

    Dallas was definitely better at tight end and in the offensive line. Both running games were extremely formidable. The Cowboy offense was more ball control, even in the passing game. They set out to control tempo and the clock. There were numerous times they came out of the half up four points, only to march 75 yards in eight minutes. Thank you Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen, Mark Tuinei, Nate Newton, and Erik Williams.

    To this day, the Cowboys of 1993, are the best team I have ever seen. But this is a rather interesting discussion regarding the two offenses. One batters defenses into submission. The other gains yards in chunks and lights up scoreboards. Both extremely effective.
  14. The Curly One

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    Everyone here knows I am not one of those homers who always picks the Cowboys. I tell it like I see it, like it or not.
    I like the Colts and I think they will have a cake walk to the Super Bowl this year, they are that much better than the other teams this year. Peyton Manning is very good and I think he really does a good job of carrying the team. With out him I think they would be an average maybe a little above average team. Definatly not a Super Bowl contender and undefeated at this point of the season.
    Free agency and salary caps have made most of the teams more equal and the Colts have found a way (Manning) to be above the rest. Right now there is not that much difference from best to worst in this league for most teams.
    The 93 Cowboys on the other hand had Novecheck (best tight end ever?), Aikman, Irvin and some guy Emmitt. They also had the most totally dominant offensive line I have ever seen. I was watching an old game a while back and almost every play the offensive line was blowing huge holes in the defensive lines and Emmitt was getting stopped by the line backers or even safeties. The defensive linemen had no chance because they were on their butts.

    One may argue that Peyton Manning is better than Troy but I do not think as a team that the Colts are nearly as good as the 93 Cowboys were. Even with Manning and Troy while I think that Manning may be better, Troy never let us down in a big game. Peyton had a very bad game in the AFC title game last year sending the Patriots to the big game.

    I also do not know if the refs would let anyone else in the league get away with jumping around, yelling stuff like Manning does.

    Still no contest the 93 Cowboys were MUCH better than this years Colts team. No Contest. Curly
  15. 31smackdown

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    The difference to me is this... The Colts offense is more explosive and opportunistic. They have greater flexibility built in to take advantage of mathups to improve their success on any play.

    Dallas on the other hand was just better at everything they did and they would out execute the other team on nearly every play. It would be third and 1 and you knew they were going to run lead left, but it didn't matter, because you couldn't stop it.

    Dallas out executed and the Colts outscheme you... just two different approaches. The downside to the Colts offense is that it can be confused by a great defense, like the Patriots were, with different looks and movement. Dallas would just line up and run what they had called and force the other team to stop them. Dallas dictated on offense, the Colts allow the defense to dictate what they do.
  16. Derinyar

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    I think the 93 offense was better. They were putting up 28 a game in a league that the scoring average was lower. The colts don't have as good of teams to go against, and rules changes to make scoring easier.

    Not saying that they aren't a good team, but that they probably aren't an all time level offense.

    Theres something to be said about virtually showing the opponenets your play book and saying you won't be able to stop us.
  17. The30YardSlant

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    '05 Colts

    Manning > Aikman

    Harrison > Irvin

    Dallas Clark is not a better player than Novacheck, but is much more potent offesively than Novacheck was
  18. aikemirv

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    Before we say Manning>Aikman I think you should look at their playoff records and performances!!
  19. Maikeru-sama

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    Let me make this perfectly clear to everyone. Aikman is a Hall of Fame quarterback and I cannot put Peyton Manning ahead of him until he wins an NFL Championship.


    The only reason I would take the Colts over the Cowboys is because I think Manning is something extremely special and I think he is a better quarterback than Aikman was when it is all said and done.

    But Emmitt > Edge, but Edge catches better
    Novacek > Dallas Clark

    Pains me but
    Harrison > Irvin

    Man, that Colts offense combined with the Cowboys Defense = Utopia

    Im going with the Colts Offense because Manning is one of those Quarterbacks that you really only see once or twice.

    I have never seen a guy walk up to the line of scrimmage start calling all kinds of plays and audibles and those defensive lineman are probably thinking "Man, there is nothing we can do about it either"
  20. The30YardSlant

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    So, according to you, Brad Johnson is a better QB than Dan Marino?

    Interesting...... :rolleyes:

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