05 Colts Offence Vs 93 Cowboys Offence

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Cbz40, Dec 7, 2005.

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    How badly did Manning play against NE - pretty bad I would say with a good Oline and with a good running game.

    When Manning plays like a championship QB in the Post season get back to me. Troy played like a champ in season and Post Season - did he pass for as many yards as Peyton? No, obviously not.

    3 Int's in 2003 against the Pats and a big 3 points against the Pats in 2004.

    I would say he needs to prove that he can play well in the big game under pressure to be up there with Aikman.

    But thats just my opinion!

    And just so we are straight, that defense was pretty much owned by Delhomme in the SB - NE just got the ball last!
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    Cowboys, just because of Emmitt.

    The 93 Boys could have outscored the 94 Colts. but we didn't. Get a 1st half lead...Then Emmitt all 2nd half.
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    As long as we're playing games... let's pick the players off of the two squads to make one offense.

    QB: Manning
    RB: Emmitt
    FB: Moose
    WR1: Irvin
    WR2: Harrison
    OL: Cowboys
    TE: Novacek

    OC: Colts

    Give me those guys and LOOK OUT!
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    or.....if Aikman and the passing game was shut down......just give it to Emmitt and rely on that great OL to win the ball game.....example The Emmitt separated shoulder game against the Giants.

    That in my opinion is why I would choose the 93 Cowboy O. We have seen the Pats shut down Manning in the past......as yet the Colt running game has not had to carry them and has not proven that it can. The 93 O could finesse you or pound the ball down your throat.
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    The 93 Cowboys could beat the 05 Colts team easy.

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