'05 draft 1st rounders, which ones make the biggest impact for their teams?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Cowboy from New York

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    Would like that question considered just for this season, not careers.
    Also, when you compare us with the other teams that had 2 first orund picks, Washington and Minnesota, who do you think got the best out of that?
    (hate to give you such a toughie ;) )

    Sel# Team Player Pos. Ht. Wt. School
    1 San Francisco Smith, Alex D. QB 6-4 212 Utah
    2 Miami Brown, Ronnie RB 6-0 233 Auburn
    3 Cleveland Edwards, Braylon WR 6-3 211 Michigan
    4 Chicago Benson, Cedric RB 5-10 222 Texas
    5 Tampa Bay Williams, Carnell RB 5-11 217 Auburn
    6 Tennessee Jones, Adam 'Pacman' CB 5-11 187 West Virginia
    7 Minnesota (from Oakland) Williamson, Troy WR 6-1 203 South Carolina
    8 Arizona Rolle, Antrel CB 6-0 202 Miami (Fla.)
    9 Washington Rogers, Carlos CB 6-0 199 Auburn
    10 Detroit Williams, Mike WR 6-5 229 Southern California
    11 Dallas Ware, Demarcus DE 6-4 247 Troy State
    12 San Diego (from N.Y. Giants) Merriman, Shawne OLB 6-4 253 Maryland
    13 New Orleans (from Houston) Brown, Jammal OT 6-6 313 Oklahoma
    14 Carolina Davis, Thomas FS 6-1 231 Georgia
    15 Kansas City Johnson, Derrick O. OLB 6-3 234 Texas
    16 Houston (from New Orleans) Johnson, Travis DT 6-4 290 Florida State
    17 Cincinnati Pollack, David DE 6-2 261 Georgia
    18 Minnesota James, Erasmus DE 6-4 263 Wisconsin
    19 St. Louis Barron, Alex OT 6-7 320 Florida State
    20 Dallas (from Buffalo) Spears, Marcus DE 6-4 298 Louisiana State
    21 Jacksonville Jones, Matt WR 6-6 242 Arkansas
    22 Baltimore Clayton, Mark WR 5-10 193 Oklahoma
    23 Oakland (from Seattle) Washington, Fabian CB 5-10 183 Nebraska
    24 Green Bay Rodgers, Aaron QB 6-2 223 California
    25 Washington (from Denver) Campbell, Jason QB 6-4 223 Auburn
    26 Seattle (from N.Y. Jets through Oakland) Spencer, Chris C 6-3 309 Miss.
    27 Atlanta White, Sharod 'Roddy' WR 6-1 201 Alabama-Birmingham
    28 San Diego Castillo, Luis DT 6-3 306 Northwestern
    29 Indianapolis Jackson, Marlin CB 6-0 196 Michigan
    30 Pittsburgh Miller, Heath TE 6-5 265 Virginia
    31 Philadelphia Patterson, Mike DT 5-11 292 Southern California
    32 New England Mankins, Logan G 6-4 307 Fresno State
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    Can't imagine doing any better for the needs that we had. I think Ware will be making a huge impact for us and I guess I will stick with that theme and say we did the best in the first round.
  3. Dallas4ever

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    A lot of people are on Ware's bandwagon for Defensive rookie of the year. NFL network's draft expert Mike Maycock has Ware penciled in for this honor.
  4. jazzcat22

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    We definately had the best for the 1st round. Only the deadskins would argue against that.

    As for rookie impacts, if the Browns had a pro bowl caliber QB, I would say Braylon Edwards may be up there. Benson, (did he sign yet) could have, but not now. D. Johnson possibly in KC or M. Clayton in Baltimore, but that depends on Boller also.

    Brown in Miami, maybe, hard to tell with this team in it's current state and a coaching change. So it comes down to the defensive players. Marli Jackson could make an impact in Indy. So our own Cowboys' Spears and Ware, looks pretty good to me they will make a huge impact also (of course this may be a little homerism, but fair).

    I go with the defense over the offense this year. Most of the offensive players will need to wait until next year, like Alex Smith with the whiners.
  5. Future

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    I think there are too many valuables to consider. Demarcus Ware and Marcus Spears are huge for the Cowboys but DJ might have 120 tackles on an avg KC defense while the cowboys are number 1. But with a big year dj would overshadow how well these 2 played. Also it is hard to compare the offense with the defense, just too far apart IMO.

    But if i had to choose. DeMarcus Ware no doubt...the rest might as well have gone undrafted
  6. silver

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    Troy Williamson will be a star.
  7. lkelly

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    Troy Williamson has been so spectacular that the Vikings just signed Koren Robinson to a 2 year deal. I think Mike Williams, whose poster hung in many members' bedrooms here "Teen Beat" style before the draft, may have fallen to 4th on the Lions' WR depth chart. Pacman Jones has dropped more punts than he's had arrests (and that's saying something). Aaron Rodgers should be 3rd string for the Pack. Campbell's third string for the Skins. I don't know that another message board fan favorite, David Pollack, got enough work in camp/preseason to make an early impact.

    I'm thrilled with Ware/Spears. Both will either start or be in the rotation on our D and each seems to be a game changer.
  8. Ken

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    Cadillac, Ware, and DJ will all have signifigant impacts on their teams.

    Caddy will win offensive rookie of the year.

    Ware defensive, with DJ right behind him.

    I'm predicting that Cedric Benson will be a bust.

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