07' First Round knowing what we know now.

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    I always like to do this near the end of the rookie season. Heres who I think would move up and down in the draft if the teams had the power of knowing this seasons production.

    1 Oakland
    Adrian Peterson
    -Maybe the best Rookie player EVER, not even close here.

    2 Detroit
    Joe Thomas
    -Along with the development of B. Edwards he is an immense part of the Browns rise to decency.

    3 Cleveland
    Patrick Willis
    -WOW he has been great and would help Clevelands defense NOW.

    4 Tampa Bay
    Calvin Johnson
    -Still cannot pass on him, too much potential

    5 Arizona
    Levi Brown
    -Still need a better O-line/running game but the big nittany lion has helped.

    6 Washington
    Laron Landry
    -He has been good, and immature. The horrible death of his backfield mate cements this pick.

    7 Minnesota
    Darrelle Revis
    -You Don't leave the 32 ranked pass defense alone! Revis has been a hit in NY *ps they would never re do the draft.....ad peterson!!**

    8 Atlanta (from Houston)
    Jamarcus Russell
    -You knew it was coming, Vick is going to jail the franchise needs a light at the end of the tunnel.

    9 Miami
    Gaines Adams
    -Still no Quinn, they like Beck for some reason (this was the hardest for me because the rest of the first round would have started on this team)

    10 Houston (from Atlanta)
    Jamal Anderson (DE Arkansas)
    - OH the pass rush.......

    11 San Francisco
    Jon Beason (LB da U)
    -Losing Willis hurts, Beason has been almost as good.

    12 Buffalo
    Marshawn Lynch
    -They Like it, Dont mess with a good thing.

    13 St. Louis
    Tony Ugoh (T) Arkansas
    -That O-line has been awful, with a QB like Bulger that leads to the second pick next year...fix it!

    14 NY Jets (from Carolina)
    Amobi Okoye
    -So young, has 5.5 sacks at age 20. Should be great.

    15 Pittsburgh
    Ted Ginn
    -Yea I know deja vu, but why not.

    16 Green Bay
    Reggie Nelson
    -No Justin Harrell, this D unit is amazing with a rangy cover safety.

    17 Denver (from Jacksonville)
    Adam Carriker
    -Need help desperately on their Lines (Arron Sears from Tenn. gets a look)

    18 Cincinnati
    David Harris (LB Michigan)
    Their D has been atrocious, Harris has been a stand-out.

    19 Tennessee
    Dwayne Bowe
    -He has been great, get Vince some help.

    20 New York Giants
    Aaron Ross
    -Working out well in NY but a WR or even a RB has become a need to cover Eli's mediocrity.

    21 Jacksonville (from Denver)
    Paul Posluzny
    -Got hurt but looked great early, this gets them young at LB

    22 Kansas City (from Dallas) **First next year, Second this year and next, 3rd this year. to Dallas for pick 22**
    Brady Quinn
    -He falls again, Trade happens again. KC needs a real QB.

    23 Kansas City
    Joe Staley (T Central Mich)
    - Protect their new little toy at QB. (looks like cheaper version of Browns 07 draft.....)

    24 New England (from Seattle)
    Gerald Alexander (FS Boise State)
    - I didn't know or care who went here but GA has been good in Detroit.

    25 Carolina (from NY Jets)
    Greg Olsen
    Weird pick, but having this stud as a second read means Delhomme isn't waiting 4-5 seconds for Steve Smith to get open....think Jason Witten only faster.

    26 Dallas (from Philadelphia)
    Anthony Spencer
    -Those first 5 games he played in place of Greg Ellis he proved himself, will be a dominator when he develops and Ellis retires.

    27 New Orleans
    Brandon Meriweather (S)
    Coverage has been horrible maybe Brandon helps?

    28 San Francisco (from New England)
    Arron Sears (T Tennesee)
    - Great addition in TB, need to protect Smith, and open holes for Gore.

    29 Baltimore
    Trent Edwards
    -Perfect I know, he would make Baltimore competent on offense and maybe take advantage of that D before its gone.

    30 San Diego
    Anthony Gonzales
    -Better than Craig Davis, duh right?

    31 Chicago
    Leon Hall (CB Mich)
    -Injuries in the backfield make this an easy pick

    32 Indianapolis
    Sidney Rice (WR S. Carolina)
    - Tough luck for the Colts they lost their first and second round picks...this seems to be a good fit though!

    Out of first round

    Lawrence Timmons
    Justin Harrell (as fast as possible)
    Jarvis Moss
    Michael Griffin
    Robert Meachem
    Ben Grubbs
    Craig Davis

    Biggest mover Trent Edwards from third round (92) to first round (29)

    Would love to get some feedback on this (let me know if I screwed up), and I hope you all enjoy!
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    damn fine job man.
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    Good job...But Marshawn Lynch would go much higher than 12....Definately Houston at 10, they couldnt pass him up knowing what they do now. He may even go Higher than that.
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    Yea I thought about that, especially because with Houston RB was the top need, Wr was also important because their record with and without Andre Johnson are exact opposites.
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    I agree, but great job nonetheless JJones

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