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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by bodi, Jan 16, 2014.

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    1 Kony Ealy, DE, 6-5 #275 Missouri

    2 Kelcy Quarles, DT, 6-3 #295 South Carolina

    3 Morgan Moses, OT, 6-6 #325

    4 Kenny Ladler, FS. 6-1, #205 Vanderbilt

    5 Kevin Norwood, WR, 6-2, #200 Alabama

    7 Justin Ellis, DT, 6 -2 #340 Louisiana Tech
    Bruce Gaston, DT, 6 -2 #310 Purdue

    7 Dakota Dozier, OG, 6-4 #295 Furman
    Austin Wentworth, OG, 6-5 #305 Fresno State

    7 Jeff Mathews, QB, 6-3 #225 Cornell

    I am not sure about 2nd rounder just depend on who the team likes

    because there are so many buys we could pick here all DT's '

    Ego Ferguson, DT, 6-2 #310 LSU
    Daquan Jones, DT, 6-3 #320 Penn ST
  2. tm1119

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    I really like it except for Ladler. I don't think throwing another mid round pick at the safety position is going to solve our problems.

    Very good job though, I'd be very happy with draft
  3. VACowboy

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    Love your first three picks.

    Ealy and Quarles are actually the players I have in the first two rounds of my first mock. Moses was a good college player with the tools to be a great pro. He played RG, RT and LT at Virginia, LT in his fourth year. I think RT may be his best position.
  4. Future

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    I like this draft a lot. I don't really think Matthews is going to be a good pro, but its a feasible late-round pick considering the Ivy League connection. Nice job.
  5. Marc999

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    Actually a pretty solid draft. I would be very satisfied coming away with that group of players. Not a huge fan of Matthews. I'd prefer Keith Wenning from Ball St. But in the 7th round I couldn't complain.

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    I like it. I like it a lot!!

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