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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Not going to do any crazy offseason moves, just the picks

    Round 1- Sam Montgomery DE LSU- I would say Spencer is gone and our D line is questionable at best for the 4-3 switch. I'm not too worried about the whole "List", I think it was overblown and I can buy the real reasoning behind it. Montgomery is a total package as a DE. Great pass rusher, stout against the run, and could even be used in coverage if need be. Great value pick as the best d-line prospect on the board at pick #18.

    Round 2- Alvin Bailey OG Arkansas- Bailey has been shooting up the boards for a reason, hes big and talented. Great size and strength to handle almost any DT while also having surprisingly good foot quickness. Has started 26 straight games in the SEC as both a LG and RG. A definite upgrade over Bernadeau from day 1 in my opinion.

    Round 3- TJ McDonald S USC- Very complete safety prospect that only drops this far because of a deep safety class this year. Good size at 6'1 205 who is very good against the run and can lay some hard hits. Also a good athlete who would make a good center fielder in a deep zone allowing us to use Church where he belongs in the box.

    Round 4- Everett Dawkins DT FSU- Quick burst, gap rushing DT that will fit the 4-3 scheme nicely. Went to Florida State as a highly recruited all-state (SC) DE. Good athlete for a 6'3 305 lb guy. Would fit into the DT rotation right away, especially in pass rushing situations.

    Round 5- Robbie Rouse RB Fresno State- Despite his size (5'7 190) this is a tough runner between the tackles. He knows how to use his size to advantage by hiding behind blockers before using his elite quickness to burst through holes. Great guy to have for about 10-15 carries a game. 4,600 rushing yards in his college career.

    Round 6- John Wetzel OT BC- Big (6'7) long armed OT with enough strength to handle pass rushers. The knock on Wetzel is that he has really slow feet. With his long arms to engulf defenders and proper technique he can either make a good swing tackle or possibly be an option at RT if he hits the weight room a little and responds to coaching well.
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    I'm not crazy about Montgomery. I think we somehow manage to keep Spencer anyway.

    I see a DT or possibly a S or G in round 1. Personally, with as much as Kiffin uses his safeties and as much as he asks them to do, I wouldn't mind seeing Elam there.

    I like Bailey in round 2.

    I think McDonald isn't what we need, even in round 3... but I could be off on him because I didn't get to watch very much of him this year.

    Dawkins is OK. I wouldn't complain.

    I love Rouse in the 5th. I would be happy as heck if we managed that. He'd be a very good complement to Murray.

    Don't know much about Wetzel though.
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    Not sure why people are down on Montgomery. Productive against a high level of competition and an excellent fit at strong-side end with the ability to pack on another 10-15 pounds of bulk without it impacting agility.
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    Spears has probably tainted some peoples views of taking LSU D Linemen.

    Not saying it is fair but probably true.
  5. Shinywalrus

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    It could be worse - we could be on the Kansas City boards. I think a defensive tackle from LSU would lead to full-scale riots.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yeah Two first round busts in the last few years but...Maybe after Poe they might reconsider?
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    Poe, as in Dontari Poe? I didn't know LSU was in Memphis. :cool:
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    Read a little closer and you will see that I was not claiming Poe was from LSU.

    Actually I was claiming they might wish to go back to taking LSU players after Poe.
  9. Future

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    It sure is for me...Bradie James contributes to that as well. Having said that, I like Montgomery, but I think we can get someone who is more explosive at 18. Crawford or Hatcher should be fine at that position.

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