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    Ok I thought I was done when I came up with my last mock, but with the Pacman trade becoming official and some rethinking on my part. I have come up with one last shot at what we may do come Draft Day. Here are the other 3:

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    In this mock, I think we find a trade partner in Atl. Looking for their QB of the future becuz they drafted Dorsey 3rd overall. Call me crazy, but I don't think we have to give our 2nd to take their 2 2nd's just one of our 1st's. I don't know the point system or whateva, that's just my gut feeling, especially if they want the QB of their choice. So any way here we go:

    22) One of the top CB's that fall/ Trade with Atl/ Kenny Phillips
    At this point in time, I don't care which one falls to us. If Jenkins, DRC, or Talib is sittin there at 22 take one of em. If not then maybe Atl would like this pick to ensure they get their QB. If we're not ready to trade yet and top 4 CB's gone, take Phillips. Teaming him with Hamlin and gettin Roy outta there next year sounds good to me.

    28) Trade with Atl/ Kenny Phillips
    I think this would be the better value pick for Phillips. Either way I'm a advocate for lettin one of these 1st go and pickin up Phillips, UNLESS one of the top 4 CB's is still around at 22

    2a) Antoine Cason/ Tracy Porter
    One of these Cb's will still be on the board and if we can't get one of the top 4, I wouldn't mind one of these guys as a nice complimentary prize.

    2b) Jamaal Charles/ Ray Rice
    These have become my 2 favorite options for a 2nd round back. I love Chris Johnson speed, but I'm not sold on him as a runner. I've seen these 2 guys do it with my own eyes, and I read on here somewhere that Wade like Charles.

    2c) Red Bryant
    We take a big NT that we can plug into the rotation with Tank. Ratliff goes back to DE. That's gonna be a hell of a rotation on the DL

    3) Marcus Monk
    I think we take a chance on this Hog, 6'4, 214, with 4.42 speed. He and Stanback can be groomed to take ova in a year or 2.

    4) Traded for Pacman

    5) Owen Schmitt
    I think he's the best blocking back in the draft, maybe not the best FB tho. But u put him in front of Barber and see what mayhem they can start up.

    6) BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB Ole Miss 5'10 220, 4.63 40/ Allen Patrick 6' 198, 4.56 40/ Chauncey Washington 5'11 211, 4.45 40
    We pick up a bigger back in the same mold as Barber in the 6th, just in case. We need to get 2 backs outta of this draft in my mind. The 2nd has to be able to develop into an every down type of back

    7) Fernando Velasco
    Don't know if he makes this far, but if not we'll take the BPA from these positions OG/C or OLB.

    There u have it, I know it's a lil messy, hope u guys follow my brainstorm. Let me know what u think.

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