10 greatest Cowboy players in team history

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by CowboyMark, Apr 22, 2006.

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    In order if you don't mind.
    1.Emmitt Smith
    2.Bob Lilly
    3.Roger Staubach
    4.Tony Dorsett
    5.Randy White
    6.Troy Aikman
    7.Michael Irvin
    8.Larry Allen
    9.Mel Renfro
    10.Ed "Too Tall" Jones

    How would you rank the greatest cowboy players of all time.
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    cowboy mark....

    ive seen your post here for a couple of days, there is just no way
    i can pick 10 players from 40+ years of watching the Boys.

    the more i thought about it i figured i could maybe pick 10 from each
    decade even though for me thats still going to be hard.

    and i have to tell you these may not be the greatest they are just the ones
    i liked the most.

    and after doing this 10 from each decade isnt enough, i feel like i owe
    a whole bunch of guys apologies because i couldnt list everybody i liked.

    and these are in no order at all...except Meredith, he is/was and will always be my favorite.

    don meredith
    chuck howley
    don perkins
    bob lily
    lee roy jordan
    mel renfro
    ralph neely
    cornell green
    bob hayes
    dan reeves

    walt garrison
    rayfield wright
    larry cole
    jethro pugh (had to get him in and ran out of room in the 60's)
    charlie waters/ cliff harris ( i always think of them as one)
    roger staubach ( right behind meredith for all time favorite)
    dave manders
    billy jo dupree
    hollywood henderson ( in spite of his screw-ups)
    preston pearson ( the original 3rd down back )

    danny white
    tony dorsett
    drew pearson
    ed too-tall jones
    everson walls
    robert newhouse
    dennis thurman
    jim jeffcoat
    mark tuinei
    randy white

    90's...this is impossible..the team roster could be listed here as far as i am
    concerned, but im trying to stick to 10.

    troy aikman
    bill bates
    michael irvin
    nate newton
    emmitt smith
    daryl johnston
    leon lett
    mark stepnoski
    russell maryland
    erik williams

    *** george teague gets a mention for you know what !!
    ** dale hellestrae gets a mention for years of not worrying about bad deep
    * one star for our hired guns..deion sanders and charles haley
    cause yes they did make a difference and i ran out of room.

    and yes i know i left off ken norton jr, kenneth gant, jay novacek,
    kevin gogan, alvin harper, chad hennings, tony tolbert and way too many
    more to list. this was not a fair request !!


    larry allen
    darren woodson
    flozell adams
    dat nguyen
    greg ellis
    la'roi glover
    roy williams
    jason witten
    terence newman
    julius jones

    i reserve the right to change this as the decade moves on....
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    okay so i know i will always have names i wanted on my list and i cant add them all but...........

    for the decade from 1973-1983
    the beautiful Harvey Martin.

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