10 prominent schools new uniforms

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Muhast, Sep 1, 2010.

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    This year Nike is rolling out 10 completely different uniforms for 10 prominent schools.

    TCU,Miami,Boise St, Ohio State, Va Tech, Florida, Alabama, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Oregon State.

    The uniforms all have completely unique looks and will be rolled out for a big game for each team.



    (just click the team, and then click innovation to get a better look)

    Florida's helmet and jerseys number have an alligator skin look.
    Alabama looks the same with the addition of a flag(they are wearing it after Veterans day) and a houndstooth look on the numbers.
    TCU looks pretty cool.
    Va Tech is my favorite.
    Miami's looks terrible.

    Anybody heard about this? Which teams do you like/dislike?
  2. locked&loaded

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    I like boise states the best for some reason..

    The VT numbers look cool
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    TCU and ohio state had them for a game or two last year. Oregon is known for switching up their uniforms, they should be one of the teams
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    The Boise ST unis look tight!
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    I like the flag on the uniforms. We've deviated too far fromo 'ol glory, IMO.

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