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    brad, how many things in sports have we witnessed that just couldnt go that way and it didnt happen, and other team won. We dont know what this dallas team is, particularly defense, but im not worried about our offensive line, i think they will be ok, this game and game in foxsboro might be challenging to cowboys. We might split eagles, and cowboys might go 12-4, i would love for them to win it and set alot of things to set up for boys. But if they lose to 49ers its all for nothing. If they lose this game, its not the end of the world, and look jets is a team that has been in 2 championship games last 2 years or so. Also with a qb that should now just start coming into his own. Rob has said a few things and their concerned abouit their dad with cancer. I talked to rob and rex and rob are concerned about his health with cancer. But I would like to have it this way then any other way. I missed first 3 minutes or so. Brad said My grandmother used to say when you would fly, hehe, i hope the pilot's number isnt up.

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