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    Brad Sham: tony romo is depressed, is he a choker question, i wouldnt use that, its hard to be a defender of romo this morning. He is going to have people say things like that about him, till he doesnt make mistakes like that. But romo has won games like that, He didnt play well at the end, and made 2 mistakes that you cant make.

    My understanding, john phillips was not the guy that make the mistake on blocked punt. Now who that player was, we have to wait and see.

    Whoever didnt get the block on choice run for 1st down. If you want people to blame. But hey if romo protects the ball instead of fumbling, and get a FG, would have been totally different game. I am with babe, losing the ball in redzone, you just cant turn the ball over like that.

    I have seen veteran guys miss blocks, their going to happen, i even saw kosier missed a block. I wasnt worried about the offensive line, but their going to play alot worse defenses then they played last night.

    ON witten not getting in endzone, i am trying to remove word should in my vocubalary, he made a great play to just get down there. Do we forget about the run, catch. The guy at head of list is witten wondering what was different, witten was first guy to talk to us, and wanted to know if he should have tried to hurdle guy or stiff arm him, so im not really upset about him not gettting in. I am happy that witten made the 63 yrd run.

    I think this team is different team from first game last year, that game they didnt do anything hardly right in game in washington and that turned into mulipple mistakes. We asked witten, what will you do and who will do it to prevent same collapse last year after first game of season. Brad didnt say what witten said about that situation.

    If their going to be tied at end of game, i might have played it out and gone into overtime, because they played good and really werent suppose to win this game, and leading 14 points was real good for most of the game. Game at NE will be hard game to win, but other games they have chance to win along with alot other games. I dont feel they coughed one up they should have won. We will see if the players can stand up to each other, and say, ok boys this is what happened last yr, and were going tobe sure its not going to happen this yr like it did last year after first game of season.

    If their without scandrick, thats not goingto make things better. I understand fans would say, oh its the same ole thing. But its up to players to make sure it doesnt happen.

    On dez not returning kick returns, special teams coaches will say they dont get hurt more than they get playing in their regular position, but if i thought i had somebody else to return kicks i might do it with another player to return punts.
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    Joe, thanks for the recap...
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    yw buddy:)

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