Recap: 1053thefan, Charean Williams recap

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    we are hearing that the cowboys are going to scale down on defense, so we will see if it works, paraphrasing

    they got to keep romo from getting hit, they need to keep romo from getting his hand hit, so are we going to see protection like we did in redskins game when romo had ribs and lung issue, paraphrasing, they need to get pressure on eli

    you look to guy that needs to step up is spencer, not playing worthwhile to his contract, we did see pressure he got on grossman in redskins cowboys home game, but we really havent seen anything since, so he needs to step up and newman, needs to step it up too

    i think you need to see pressure on eli and get him to throw away and not get time to get those long down field throws

    on dez question lawsuit-charlene says think its just something else, he has to get his offfield troubles behind him and grow up alittle bit and i do think it affects him alittle on the field and get your mind on football and go play, because we havent seen that breakout game from dez, along with better route running, will have his first offseason here, and biggest offseason then any other player for the offseason

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