Recap: 1053thefan:Jason Garrett's Monday Press Conf recap

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    only posting highlights, will try to post video file when available
    Jason:fiammeatta is progressing, austin too but evaluating his health to see what he can do in a game

    jason, non pad practice, but guys moved around and looked fresh

    jason;most teams have had just 2 active qbs, but we like to have 3, monitoring kitna

    jason;smilar to what its been and believe rehab and rest will have him back, kitna

    jason;we talk to our team, you have to improve individualy and collectively even in playoffs, lots of ups and down, keep getting better

    jason: one 1 pt loss last yr to cardinals, different team and we belived we improved and know challenge on cardinals, more than seems to be and reality of his on tape on peterson, so be a real challenge

    jason:i think operation of mcbrair to get right snap qjuestion, we need to get right snap and l j is really good for us

    jason; traits, quickness, explovive, can run on a dime, on peterson that what seperates him and any great player

    jason;on being head coach question, were just focusing on cardianals,

    jason, our attention is to focus on cardinals not the division race question

    jason, important to case in hand, do what we can do on day by basis and week by weeek basis

    jason, we like to get felix some touches, did get some snaps down and distance, but murray carried bulk of load and felix will continue to get back into flow of the game

    jason; we liked murrays versatility, 3rd down protector and you saw all those things coming out of college nad they prepared him, i think he has proved to allot of people and coming out of college he had alot of production, strong guy and mentally tough

    jason:continue to address penalities and show why it happened, we got to get that right

    jason:we dont look at it that way but appropiate amount each week, we cant say how many times he will touch ball each week, but we dont want to overuse him, and everybody be fresh and ready to go

    jason:i appreciate you remembering my winning against green bay, your feelings are different as player or coach but trying to create similar situations for players going forward

    jason; i think you want to improve over course of season, focus on getting better technically and understanding scheme, playing through success and adversity, look at each individual play and learn, paraphrasing here

    jason; mcgee has grown alot as a player and develped more as drop back qb and needed experience as drop back passer, has tools and benefited from times he has played, poised and lead team to win at end of game, and grow in so many areas and taken advantage of opportunities

    jason;he is jjust one step closer, than before with jon out, and workload has increased

    jason;i think practicing that stuff helps you in environments, but good sequence for our team and punted to us and returned 20 yrds, and tony did nice job finding witten and ran ball when they knew we were going to run it and poised when we needed that, so return was big part of sequence too

    jason;weve alwways had confidence in our fg kickers here, closer you are, greater you have to make that kick, so once we got inside 35 yard line inside his range and not go backwards till he kicked the ball paraphrasing

    jason, you ahve to be phisically conditioned in 4th qtr, have will some how some way your going to get it done

    jason; we handled 4th qurt sitations well at times and others didnt so hopefully we have learned

    jason; you want to win 4th qtr, more physical you are better opportunity you have to win that game.
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    Thanks! Glad to hear Fiammetta is progressing.
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    thanks for the recap but man, Garrett says a whole lot of nothing.

    I feel like I just left some lame motivational lecture where they stamped into my brain concepts like improving individually and collectively on a day by day and week by week basis while dealing with success and adversity by focusing on the challenge at hand and with what we can control.
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    thats the whole point, you keep things in house, which is what you should do, then when you start winning playoff games, championship games and superbowls you can say alitle more and give tidbits to media, fans etc....

    wouldnt be to wise to give a blueprint on what you plan to do game wise or for future, so teams can say oh, they want to do or that or draft that player, now i can get him before they do or gameplan against them or use what he said against them
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