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    Jerry:Josh, good morning guys and merry xmas. Game before yours question-Jerry, weve had experience along those lines, and had it against phily and inspired them a few years ago to beat us. So, if we come out with a great victory, will be important for us paraphrasing.

    Jerry:its designed that way (nfl wants it that way), you hope its key individual game way nfl puts it out), i dont think there are any bad teams, maybe relative to each other, but if you go out there get turnovers, then that happens.

    Jerry:nah, i think that will work out on home field advantage, we won some big games at texas stadium, but i do want this crowd way nfl allows you to encourage the noise, and number of fans we can have, we should have a huge advantage to crowd noise. Ok fans, jerry just gave you the go and so did the NFL to create noise

    Jerry;its respect when i said i was scared comment, i do run scared and do fear and messing up in several areas, and in that i dont get complacent, my father reminded me along time ago your not a doctor or attorney, but if you miscue its next step knocking on doors in work relationship paraphrasing here, so i took that to relation and heart, paraphrasing

    Jerry; yes sir i do, thats competition, its a very physcial game, i dont know of any team not playing afraid, but what i do see some players playing not to get hurt, but what i would like to players playing to be proud,make plays to win ballgame, and make fans proud, but as a player when you take a snap, your suppose to be concentrating on your assignment and know what to do

    Jerry:what i would tell you, there is no person that is going to play tomorrow understands how big this opportunity is and every one of our players appreciate our teammates and if you let that slip away from you, then shame on you if yoru not concentrating, you need to be coached up on technique and know guy in front of you, paraphrasing

    Jerry:we really dont want to talk how were going to attack them, but important thing, tony has his options, bennett is ready, morris been pleasant surprise and going to play more than we thought he was going to play, he knows what to do and how to protect tony, feel good about our offensive line, we know more how to do it, and 2 young guys that have stepped up this year

    Jerry:well, uh, i think we have high high level of respect for mccoy and how he moves the chains, and vick plays too and i like how were approaching this game and were healthier then we have ever been on defense

    jerry: he hurts when he isnt on the field, sean lee, but way they got out on us, their a team that pin your ears back and disrupted what you want to do and with lead they got and skill level, so lets just play sound and not let that happen paraphrasing

    jerry; would surprise me if felix does not go, but you had better have a plan in place if he cant go, but you have to be aware of how he exerts and how much he can get by tomorrow toi play paraphrasing

    jerry:just 4 points difference, from tds to field goals, so its important but from strategic value to know you have dan bailey out there, but we want mcbrair to have good day tomorrow and dez returning some punts, but we could have harris doing some work tomorrow to if ogletree cant go, but i know its cliche and if you can win on special teams, you can win a game, sometimes its a swing difference in a game sometimes, obviously i wont, but desean jackson is somebody to fear on quesiton if not punting to jackson

    jerry:hamstring issue: those soft tissue type injuries are dehablitaing to a team and major point of discussiion and we stress it not only with team but the league and its really not up this year, just sometimes you have a major ankle sprains, but certainly we have had ours hamstrings with miles, felix, and murray, because when i look up someone goes down with hamstring paraphrasing, and i think is it something in the water, but like i femember troy aikman had issues with hamstrings early in his career

    jerry; millionaire question on giving, i want to give to notable people in my life, by the way one of our players wrote a hand written note, and said santa is alittle tight this yr, and put a dollar bill in the note and said merry xmas and did it to over 300 peoople in our organization

    jerry; i had one send me a collection of from singers of tapes the other day and cant tell you how meaningful that way, im a major merle hagard fan, i really would hate to say prefernce, but george strait, garth brooks, nothing better than a cold beer and country music, kenny stops by too he is a great sports fan

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