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    Jerry, well if nfl designed these seasons, so you had conf or div game then it would be ideal. Carries all excitement and everything on the line.

    Jerry:i certainly can, just ridiculous, just getting started with jason, we can go free wllling, but one thing to win that ball game, and jason is coach. His job has no bearing on this ball game and period he will be our coach next year in regards to comments coughlin maybe fired if loses game or jason loses.

    Jerry, we know he has had outstanding yr, and not a very good thing not to get into playoffs, with his health and how scary it was with his hand and very feel good to have him going into this game, and romo is a top top qb.

    Jerry:no, we didnt plan on this, if you wanted to draw it up, we wished could have been already decided in our favor of course, but to keep game alive, with game type winning play is no one than i would rather have romo.

    Jerry:i would like lead at anytime period, in regards to question on late leads, i know other day we saw in giant game, let them score and was a consideration, and i agreed with them to try to keep them from scoring,

    Jerry:i think across the league, secondary is a challenge and have done some obvious and glaring things that have cuased us problems, and can be corrected and we have done things last 3 weeks to change those thing and some of things we have implented now, paraphrasing have given us hopes we will have a very good game and outcome in game.

    Jerry;personally i like it, know its challenging where dbs are hung out in cases, but making an exciting game for us and i think its a plus, adn im talking about for us romo taking advantage of those issues, paraphrasing

    Jerry;well wished was that simple, but if you dont make decision quick, eli willo eat you alive, and presents different concern than vick did, eli is just uncanny way he makes long yardage plays, but i do want to create long yardage situations and see if we can get a turnover.

    Jerry: i thought and saw where wer were crittized for being healthy, relatively speaking, and protected that to some degree last sunday and its an asset to be healthy.

    Jerry on lee and romo injury question, well i think romo is where we had dreamed he would be relative to his injury last week, and gives us 3 solid days to get work in, lee had something to stomach virus and hopefully that clears up but hope others players dont get it, as a sophomore i couldnt get out of bed, get dressed, but coach said we got to dress you out, because your only player that knows the play and i played 60 something plays and best i ever played and forgotr i was sick.

    Jerry, on dez let me say his saturaation is outstanding and i got some understanding to his offfield issues and i know bill was paid but relattive i cant say more than that, but relative to where he was at meetings and on time he has had tremendous progress.

    Jerry, headline in 2012, hope story of this team and wont go beyond that, but hope this team grabs headline and goes and makes a run like green bay and thats one i would want to put in 3 inch headlines.

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