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    Jerry; mostly everybody is mad as hell after that type of game, on my refering to jason garrett, and if i had it to do again, i probably wouldnt do it again. Jason Garrett is very good at play calling and knowing schemes. Just like when cowboys had aikman who was very acccurate, so we could run which helped us pass at times, and there is no issue with myself and jason garrett about his playcalling. We did this same thing a few weeks ago and got the ball intercepted. So, last night we had same thing to do again, so we decided to run the ball. We talk about these play calls all the time. They are going to stack the line for you on the run.

    Jerry: consevative play call isnt the case, thats not the case at all to fan reaction to conservative play calling by jason garrett, and tony is a play maker and you want the ball in his hands. When your play caller is the head coach, everybody knows he is making decisions on calls and at times you can live and die by those tyhpe of calls and at times you have the flip side of that, and when it goes the other way, you see players giving it everything they got. So, with jason being the play caller, we gain on it, with jason making the playcalling.

    Jerry:eek:n your conservative message from lions game where jerry said we should have run; know i dont see it the same thing, who would thought they could come back and won with a 24 pt lead, but with jason garrett we have someone that does his homework. He is a young coach, but with things jason garrett does we benefits with him out there, really benefits us more with him out there.

    Jerry on shuttle pass, form of screen to some degree, and if its executed, and other team is paid to disrubt execution of the play. I didnt have as much trouble or comment on last or next to last possession, but we played a tough game.

    Jerry on dez, i thing that has just happened and coverages way teams cover dez at times and with him not getting the ball, but dez needs to continue work on his route running, not being critical of him, but keep working, working on his route running.

    Jerry on rob ryan: on final drive no things didnt change, we just saw a more aggressive brady, and things get very narrow, and we had their backs agasint the wall and were successful before their last drive, you can see we had our linemen in different coverage play scheme on last drive by patriots and our safety played differently, so we can do that alittle better. I really thought we were going to have a field goal situation at that time and didnt dawn on me that we would get scored on.

    jerry on choice:the facts are we have been asked about choice from 2 different teams but with injury to felix and his sprained ankle, i dont see any trade happening

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