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    Note, this is a short version of jerry jones on thefan this morning, I missed first interview and they are just giving a few excerpts from interview this morning.

    Jerry:ive never seen romo play any better, lets put it like that. With play like that we got every opportunity to win ball games, im proud for him, his teammates. Felix doesnt surprise me at all, he works hard, and no question he has the talent, im interested in his stamina and if we can get that stamina up and have his stamina good enough to be complete back he can be, as well as block for romo to protect him as well as be out in pass routes.

    Jerry:felix is going to have to if were going to have success, great at protection to protect romo in pass protection and we cant let him carry the whole load, this was from nfl network interview before the game saturday.

    Jerry;i think that to much to broad on our defense (question on if rob ryan made adjustements in game), i saw that we had made adjustments coming into this game, and there are probably more coming up against vick, and our defense has chance to be top defense in the league at number 2 or 3, but we still have alot of work to do.

    Jerry: how about not turning that ball over and we dont need to get behind early and they can give you problems with their talent level, but we can get that ball and have our share in first half, and i certainly have respect for the eagles and reid.

    Jerry;let me clear confidence thing up, i said thats not quite the word i feel when i said dont feel confident in a question last week, i feel we are playing at a level we can get a victory but we have alot of work to do for this game. Oh, i feel nervous, and after butt kicking they gave us in phily, respect transends into what they can scare you with their talent level, paraphrasing here.

    jerry, on mcbrair we all thought he had tough day at tampa, but hope he has good day today and tomorrow then i wont feel nervous.

    Jerry, tyron i feel will be fine and jay, they all will play, but cartilage that area you have to deal with and stinger hopefully ware will benefit because he didnt play alot and ware got a game ball for time he played, had impact on 4 key plays on defense, paraphrasing here.

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