Recap: 1053thefan: Mickey afternoon report recap and podcast

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    Mickey:practice showed me today all players on deck, except felix, hatcher was in pads and knee braces, same for dockery, and had 10 OL out there, in fact they you could say a 2nd unit out there for the offensive line.

    bruce carter was out there working with punt team, so seems like to me, if they activate carter they have to release him
    dockery, loper, parnell and kowalski out there too and fiematta out there too

    Mickey:i thiink if running is working yeah but what are eagles doing on other side, scoring alot, so you cant sit there if eagles have lots of points, so alot of that depends if you can run on them and eat clock up and keep vick off the field then you run

    Mickey:maclin is pretty good at wr too besides jackson, whole thing to me is being able to stop the run, with cowboys being number 1 in league stopping the run, so, but eagles are averaging over 170 yards, but vick is getting alot of rushing yrdg too.

    Mickey: yes, ware played against vick before in altlanta, so their getting their starting LT back, and getting cole back,

    Mickey; pressure will come with reason, understanding if vick breaks pocket then your in trouble, so cowboys understand when to bring pressure

    Mickey: this was suppose to be dream team defense their playing and their giving up 24 points a game, and scoring 24 points a game, so somebody is moving the ball on all these superstars their suppose to have in secondary

    Mickey: kicking game has been good with bailey, mcbrair with great sunday, avg 48, 45 net, done good on coverage, so what happens with your kickoffs when you get in the elements, but beuhler was out there today and looks like he is ready to go. Travel schedule doesnt change muich, probably leave here about 1, game 7:20 so get back home about 5 in the morning.

    Mickey;atmosphere out there will be electric, because of a night game and eagles fans will be ready to have those eggs flying when cowboy players come out to game, and trust me their raw eggs

    they talked about vince young being in trouble from last yr at strip club
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    Release who to make room for Carter?
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    Loper. With Dockery back on the field do they really need him on the roster?

    As much as some of us would love to see Beuhler gone it's not going to happen if he can make an impact on kickoffs.

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