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    Mickey:i would think so at 4-7 now, they would have to win all of their last games and just difficult and to watch their body language now, its bad. Just think for a coach that has 1 bad year to fire him but if owner thinks he has lost the team, then....

    Mickey:eek:ther than pack no one is playing well or hot yet. Its hard, with cowboys 4 wins now, texans 5 straight and denver 4 straight, hard to continue week in and out, but a win is a win.

    Mickey:eek:n kitna not at practice, wont get to talk to jason today but at 1:30 should talk, sensabaugh given day off, and pointed out first time he played without one practice before a game, jenkins was out there, austin was out there working with trainers,

    Mickey:i was walking in this morning, and coach joe d say hi, and i said you dont get a break do you with peterson playing and he smiled

    Mickey:absolutely, when talking punt returns, make sure you dont give peterson entire field to work with, and one time they dont kick it out of bounds or sideline he makes them pay, but id like to point out, 2 of petersons returns were against the rams

    mickey:mcbrair has done a pretty good job laterly and worked on angling balls out of bounds and not down middle, so toying with kicking down middle but its so far down to side its between hashmarks and sidleines, so you have to be careful how you tip your hand in what your going to do

    mickey:good sign that jenkins gets back on field and helps out secondary and gets everybody back in place, where ball is on dime or bench, same for walker, if jenkins is totally healthy and get up to speed in what 3 practices this week, but you have to improve and not give up good chunk of yardage and if austin gets back doesnt expose yourself, so if they can get austin back to one slot and others can move back to their natural spots too, paraphrasing here

    mickey; jason garrett press conf 1:30 or 1:45 somewhere around there
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    Thanks joe
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    yw guys:)

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