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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 12, 2011.

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    from my big picture standpoint, cowboys lost for all wrong reasons. None of the offensive line woes, defensive worries before the game showed up in this game, but the blocked punt, interception etc... You leave points on goalline and have miscommunication at goal line that could have resulted in td, so other stuff we worried about all week materilazed.

    from cowboys defensive standpoint, if not for final drive of first half, they held jets to 45 yards, when roof started caving in with injuries to cbs, so defensively thought they did a nice job.

    Normally you hold team to 17 points you give your team chance to win, but when you turn ball over on special teams and in interception, you set yourself up.

    i think sean lee had 11 tackles, interception, pass defense and tackle for loss, but i didnt see bradie james name on tackle list.

    their offensive line gave up a couple of sacks, and one was a coverage sack, while i think romo was holding onto the ball too long. I think offenisve line played well, because i dont think no one in this city thought the cowboys would win this game, but mad as hell way they lost this game and why the players were so mad in the lockeroom, that they gave this game away.

    how do you get away with no penatilities that the jets didnt get in this game. He was on the left, then he circled in the middle, and the players blocked to the side, and their taught to see that no one rushes from middle. I dont think holley was where he was suppose to be, but at same time, holley hasnt played that position before and when their coming right up the gut theres not much you can do

    when they left they thought they had to get better xray on him, was moving around in a boot on sideline and jenkins had some kind of shoulder injury. Dez had some kind of thigh contusion, and got cramps, while went into locker room to get iv, but came back to play. All had to with qb and wr not being on same page, with revis making the big key interception, because revis was just standing there. and to me, the pick play they called on witten, all he was doing was running in and cromatie made wrong break and ran into his own guy and cowboys get called for that. I dont know about making that up, but those things keep biting them in the butt. Maybe some divine intervention took place last night. When witten was called, the cowboys had the pass caught at the what 42 with what 35 seconds left, but then get called for that call on witten, which wasnt witten's fault, because the refs called it. The cowboys had time to get in beuhlers range of field goal attempt, but wound back at the 10 with the ref penalty call while calling no penalities on the jets. :bang2:
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    Mick can say what he wants, but Witten ran right into the guy. If he just cuts underneath him, he still opens things up for Austin to make that catch and get the yardage.
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    Im tired of these BS excuses players...Dallas Media...when is this team gonna be serious about WINNING! And just cut to the Chesse...somebodys gotta get into Jerry' Jones plastic face!!!!
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    Witten put his hands up and actually blocked both guys. He wasn't running a route, he was blocking. That penalty was spot on.
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    Witten didn't do a very good job of selling the route on that natural pick...
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    They let both teams play physical ball all night, and at that point in the game call something. Pretty sorry officiating. Just be consistant. call it all night or not at all.
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    Thanks for the recap , Joe

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