Recap: 1053thefan: Mickey Spagnola Friday Afternoon Recap

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    Mickey:I agree with you, cowboys needed to be more concerted passrush, and other guys beside ware and help to pitch out. But saying that, cowboys have to control fred jackson. Two other teams had 200 yards in rushing, so you have to stop that.

    Mickey:I guess jerry was accusing beuhler not being in shape in training camp, but he had a hip flexor, but is that due to him not kicking enough before training camp? I mentioned that earlier in a post about beuhler not going to a kicking school, while lockout was in place.

    Mickey:if only 1 runner gets just a 100 yards, that a tough one between jackson and murray.

    Mickey:talked about averages of jackon, and murray. Mickey said he is taking murray, who is avg 6.7 on rush avg.

    Cowboys problem is scoring, so if they can figure out how to score in redzone, they can win, but fitzpatrick has thrown more int than romo. Time for dez to step up and be a 4 quarters player. They had ansah on returning punts in practice today, and yeah i know everybody is saying harris at returning punts, but they have had ansah on punt returns in practice today, so if they cut jones at punter and go with mcbrair, then they could go with ogletree and ansah (bring ansah up from practice squad) if thats the way they go.

    I think mickey said cowboys 24 to 17 over bills.

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