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    Mickey; what was maddening is what allowed them to win games, like forcing field goals in redzone and return punt on final drive and shortening field for final drive, but what im going to blame for this loss is what wins this game. and the cowboys have won 2 games in last 5 days.

    Mickey:was stalling to get my words in place, mickey said eye when interviewing murray and media writers picking at mickey. Yeah, they were just thrilled to get win at end of game, and probably could have gotten more yards at end of game if he didnt have foresight to drop down and not run out of bounds. Just like romo threw 2 interceptions with mixed routes from wrs. Can you continute to do this and win games like that in month of december, i dont know and alot of teams that started fast are fading.

    Mickey:i thinmk if your a qb afraid to pull the trigger, your going to get field goals and your going to lose games and you have to have nerve to force the ball in there, and thats what happened on 1st interception, he had window to get ball in there and underthrew the ball and 2nd int was on robinson. Reason way they fans love romo is way he plays but you have to be able to pull the trigger and get the ball in there. I think if your inexperienced wr on outside but again were talking te rarely used in passing game and last 2 times have turned into disaster but i think tony took the blame he didnt get it up enough in there and u cant blame bennett.

    Mickey:absolutely fitzgerald can be that type of beast like brandon marshall was or calvin johnson, but i think key thing is jenkins, he seemed pretty confident he will be back the other day, and this will allow your top 2 cbs to play and move scandrick back to the slot and eveluate the problem of passing allowed by grossman and moore, which will help ball and walker too.

    Mickey:i caution against vibe cowboys have this because there are 5 games is left. That is exactly what jason garrett is saying, only concerntrate on game now, dont worry about playoffs or another game, but i think jason garrett is right, dont build up anxiety on what can happen or loing term conclussions, but just on game now. Like we were sending detroit to the superbowl and what if eagles win sunday their back in it. They have 5 games now to improve with some guys coming back from injury and help the cowboys.

    mickey, i walked by a few years ago on best buy when they were giving away tv for like $199 and 500 people were lined up at the store at midnight, no way, i stayed till store opened.

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