Recap: 1053thefan:Mickey Spagnola Friday Morning Recap

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    Mickey:Hey, its mickey swag, hey mickey, its swag media announcers picking at mickey

    Mickey:Yeah saw what brandon jacobs said, about our fans, so should we be giving opposing teams double finger salute. Players see that on driveway and they are laughing at parents doing it on freeway. paraphrasing.

    Mickey, will he get fired if cowboys win sunday, answer was yes 3-2, coughlin fired, and for sure jason garrett wont get fired. sounds like he was in trouble when they went from 6-2 to 2-6.

    Mickey, hey thats a good one on romos hand, it was wrapped, throwing ball ok from what little i saw, so key thing what kind of velocity can he get, and what wrap he will use and taking a few snaps from center, but not awhole lot, but you have to do that take ball from center, and yeah its disturbing if has to wear wrap, now the glove is out, just used to slow down swelling, paraphrasing. Next thing what happens when he gets hit, when he lands on it. I dont think anything in practice is going to bother him and im sure they put in like in a bubble and no body touches him and their not in pads and im sure they ran out of being in pads with new nfl rule on pads in practice. Got a few more couple of days to fully recover before game.

    Mickey:I think that would happen, screens, and get ball out of his hand and giants will try to get to romo early and not alloow romo to get ball downfield, adnd did throw for 321 yards and 4 tds.

    Mickey, yeah i think high scoring game,and way these teams have played, but when you say that, might be low scoring game, but way cowboys pass defense is, adn giants pass defense is even worse at 31st. Yeah, should be cold, down in low 30s, high 20s late at night, but no percepatation. dont know about record where cowboys havent played at night, but last 4 or 5 yrs record would be better, paraphrasing, cowboys are 3-4 on road and giants are 3-4 at home. You mean those mean giant fans are going to gain up on cowboys. Going 31-30 giants win (dont shoot the poster, mickey said the score). what do you mean im allowed, what somebody is walking around with gun to my head. 10 years ago you would have loved me for saying this type of score, paraphrasing.

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