Recap: 1053thefan: Mickey Spagnola Friday Morning Recap

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Mickey, yeah, they transitioned into alot of things, new head coach, new def coordinator, vamp new off line, and sean lee played better than everybody else on defense, and sometimes you take changes for granted, but dont forget last yr was pretty bad, but they won 2 more games than last yr.

    Mickey:never into rebuild, but transition is better word, unless your 89 cowboys, new owner, new coach, new team, yah, you dont rebuid in this type of salary cap, dont know that releasing all those older players wasnt a bad thing, dont think if they kept those guys would have been a bad team, if your not getting into playoffs in dallas its a failure

    mickey, not so much better, they do have some dead money for this yr, and they are doing some things for 2013, stephen jones will tell you they have enhough money do to what they want to do, but they have never been a team to sign 5 players, like washington, and there is danger going pick guys if they dont want them back, its like buyer beware, paraphrasing here

    Mickey:i think its silly within reason you can do things but at some point you pay the price, so will cost you dearly in the end, like roy williams big contract in a trade, and leonard davis back end of contract, woooh, big pay to wind up at end, but down the line you pay the price if you spend widely providing you win, but if you dont win and doesnt pay off then you really are in trouble

    Mickey; had they been able to sign namodi from phily, cb, they tried, what did namadoi get them 8-8, really hard now would he have helped this team absolutely, blut what would it have done to salary cap down the line, going forward, i have stated this over and over, now maybe some of you will see, you dont make those trades or sign big time players till your ready like the cowboys were in 1977 when they traded for dorsett or in 92 when cowboys traded for haley or in 95 when cowboys had team intact still and signed deion sanders, you have to have team built first and in playoffs and ready to go with your team leaders etc, then you make the big trade or sign big time players, otherwise your hurting your salary cap, jerry jones has to learn this too and i think jason garrett is showing him that, with the turnover of older players last yr involving, roy williams wr, barber, gurode, columbo, L davis, you have to have a very good team first, built, then you go get the missing pieces like in 77, 92 or 95

    Mickey: penalities question-moreso was inabliity to run football in endzone, they had 5 rushing tds, in 52 yrs, was 1960, 1961 and 1997 when they went to 6-10 in barry switzer era, 10 times they rushed for no more than 10 tds, and best was 7-7 1965 and now 8-8 in 2011, they just donjt rush in endzone, clevaland had 4, houston had 18 tds rushing, phily had 20, they just dont run ball in endzone, you had romo one sneak, murray had a 90 something run, so where , you just gotta run the ball in endzone, so if tony isnt throwing the ball in endzone, your not getting there,
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    thanks joe for the recap.
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    yw buddy :)
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    Thanks for the recap. That is the big one that needs to improve next year on offense. Red Zone rushing!! If we can run the ball in our offense would be deadly. That is assuming that we stay proficient in moving the ball between the 20's of course.
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    true, but thats why we must get nicks or grubbs at OG, draft decastro and a center, our interior OL stinks in redzone and dont forget kosier had season ending mcl, so need somebody to replace him, and holland had season ending surgery too and he is 34, most of times when your OGs get 34 or older, their too old on OL

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