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    Mickey:I think you make good case romo player of the game, suffered 4 sacks, rating 113 and saved 4 sacks with his feet, and made big passes on 3rd and long. Other guys stepped up though, but bennett 3 big catches and forget mcbrair open field tackle basically on one leg but certainly good performance by romo.

    Mickey:yeah his 22 yrd punt and still punting with brace on his leg and tried to angle it and away from banks, so then they just decided to boom punts, and just didnt get downfield on one punt, and yeah that has to get better. They just got so comfortable with mcbrairs big punts, was punting pretty good in practice, but feeling in his left foot leaves not to much for error, but youve got to do more in punt coverage.

    Mickey:was ok, and used felix to 3rd down role, and was basically 3rd down back, and picked up blitzes and not wear down murray. I was hoping to see a pitch to felix with skins clogging up the middle and as we expected this was best defense they faced all yr long.

    Mickey:i was told before game they wouldnt use felix on returns, but going forward would be a consideration with dez getting a punt return late in the game, but gosh those returns have got to get better.

    Mickey:awwww, 289 to grossman. I do after another game in 4th qtr they cant close it out in last drive, kept going with 3 man rush. I thought in that situation with grossman put pressure on him with more pass rush, but they jsut blew coverages, that little flare pass to fb, busted coverage. You could see rob ryan on sideline was livid. Ticky tack things, then scrandrick gets called for holding.

    Mickey, when you win, its a win, ive seen these games like this before between these 2 teams, kept compsure and kept fighting, they dont quit, keep fighting, and find a way to win. There are worries, but your 2 games over 500.

    Mickey:similar to other timeout called, that would have been 15, unsportsman conduct, and you wouldnt have been running but passing on 3rd down, 3rd and 8, so would have been 3rd and 26, and as it was, first time i saw him fade it to get inside and win the game.

    Breaking injury news that helps cowboys so much, they are going to talk about, i think its the cutler injury, but if not and another team i will post it here in reply or in a breaking news post.
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    thanks for posting joe.
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    yw buddy
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    TY as always Joe.
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    yw buddy:)
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