Recap: 1053thefan:Mickey Spagnola Monday Morning Recap

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Note, I am still ticked off, so make short notes from game last night.

    Mickey:rather unusual for Jerry not to talk to much, pretty emotional, and came out of locker room after 10 minutes. Can this team recover emotionally.

    Mickey:I told you pressure on eli, threw ball 47 times and if accurate just hit him twice. No sack! Sometimes 2 man and 3 man rush, miserable defensive breakdown. 5 of 6 losses, 69 points in 4th qtr opposing teams have scored on cowboys.

    Mickey:If not blitzing, their not getting to qb, ware hurt, somebody else has to get pass rush, again where was spencer, or defensive line, remember giants had offensive linemen hurt. Safeties were dropping 25 yards deep. I dont know how you play defense like that.

    Mickey:Murray fractured ankle, costa concussion-normally wont get back in 5 days, jenkins shoulder injury, same for church with sling. Ware has neck problem.

    Mickey, yeah down to rb on roster, have to make move. Lonyae Miller name came up last night.

    Mickey:blocked fg, paul got great push through holland and lp, and got his hand up. Paul said first time tried to go through holland, but said holland was strong, so went through crease between holland and LP.

    Mickey:rocket said miles wasnt pumping his arms enough, when i looked at it, wasnt sure where miles was going, and romo made reference that miles lost it in the lights, and still looked like austin could have gotten to it. But didnt work out, says your tied up for nfc east, but doesnt look that way.
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    Romo had a look like "*** Miles" after the incomplete pass. I know Romo said in the postgame that Miles lost it in the lights. Who knows.... Either way, the defense was putrid and heartless...........

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