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    Mickey:Yeah, way their suppose to do a bad team, knew they lost 7 games and worst then i even thought, they were bad. What cowboys needed, and best part they got to rest some of their defensive guys and rest up ware and ratliff.

    Mickey:thats just romo being flushed out of pocket that you cant design possible plays like that, but there are times he gets carried away with himself and tries to do to much. Jason said it best, making plays but mimizing bad plays. On nfl network he said trying ot make up for other peoples mistakes, but realized if its a bad play its a bad play, so play just within yourself, in other words players have to do their part too.

    Mickey;i think mcbrairs plant foot isnt healthy, and when trying to back ball up he just cant put on his foot, so something to keep an eye on, just needs to get back in a groove. I go back, you dont want to send a rookie out there this time of yr in regards to bringing up a punter.

    Mickey:tyron is a stinger, not all that worrired about it, but we have seen what happened with ware's stinger, ware could have played, and they went into game regulating ware and ratliff, when got to point didnt need them to play, they didnt even have their helmets with them in 2nd half, limit them in practice again and try to nurse them this week, and get ready for eagles, they put a bigger neck brace on ware, and in a pretty good mood on sideline. I am not going that far if they fixed their defense, because tampa bay didnt present to much. The communication was better, i didnt see confustion, and players were in and out and ryan signaled in plays on headset and fleubess linebaker coach sent in hand signals, maybe that taught them a lesson, but they didnt send in alot of defensive packages, but they werent playing phily. Now cowboys might try to use more defensive packages against phily or they might not be able to use so much due to injuries of ware, ratliff and church out for the year. So, time will tell, paraphrasing.

    Mickey, pretty good effort by sammy morris, and helped in running out the clock and did really nice job.

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