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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Nov 28, 2011.

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    Mickey:i dont think he is ready to play (favre), does he really want to go through that and they dont like to get hit anymore, just go single wing or something

    Mickey:i think they will be interested in outcome of giants/saints game, they will be watching, if coaching staff has their stuff done too

    Mickey, haha on cheerleader, im sure jerry has no idea, come on that came from cheerleaders. I dont know what bottom line on that is, but its the cheerleaders that did that

    Mickey:miles is still questionable if return to practice today so we will see when we go to practice today, but sure jenkins returns, so you could still give miles today off and tuesday then bring him in wednesday. Has been sorely missed, but watch this offense play and struggle on offense at times, they miss a wr to threaten defenses deep and run precise routes

    mickey; paterson, pretty sure he will return a punt and he was good at lsu and boy he is awfully good so behoofs them to put ball out on sidelines,, becuase things have happened to cowboys on special teams so i wouldnt even mess with peterson

    mickey:i think robinson been good to step in at number 2 guy but sometimes he has been somewhat exposed at number 2 slot but would be great at the 3rd wr set, so teams arent going to let dez beat them and know what dez can do, so if you win at 50 percent of time, has been god send for cowboys but every down wr, i dont know, but 3rd wr, he is great at robinson, remember cowboys released him because he was hurt

    mickey;we will find out more this week and how much longer if this doesnt clear up they have to make a move this week, and might move chapas up, so what qb is out there too since kitna is hurt, tony richardson is retired at fb, mickey says all you got to do is block, bennett is to big at fb, you have to get going at fb with burst to hit the hole and leverage because if your 6-6 that doesnt work to well
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    Oh really?
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    I hate to think where we would be without Robinson being able to fill in for Austin.

    I don't see Ogletree producing anywhere close to the level of Robinson.
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    i am still wondering if part of our struggles are due to ogletree
    like jason garrett has said, best player wil play regardless but when ogletree goofs up, seems like we just put up with it, but in a way, that tells the other players its acceptable to make dumb mistakes and that the team will tolerate that, which is wrong way to go to my thinking

    but at same time, i understand we were struggling with austin out, once miles gets back though i see our 3 wr sets as miles, dez and robinson, with holley being 4th wr, then next yr unless ogletree grows up, he will be gone, especially if radaway can come back from his injury:starspin

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