News: 1053thefan: Mickey Spagnola Noon Report for Wednesday

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    Mickey:You guys left and the electricity came back on, i had to leave to tape jerry segment for tv show and elec. came back on. I thought jerry explained himself, but qb romo finished with 101 qb rating and errors came at end and didnt have time to make amends like sanchez did during middle of game with blocked punt. Has this happened to romo before yes, and has romo won games before like that yes. Because romo does that on broadway, opens up floodgates. The media would do that even if was aikman or carter at QB. If sapp has something to say go ahead, his opionion doesnt mean its right.

    Mickey:Jason said he called time out and ref gave him time out. I have never seen that happen before, but ref wasnt listening to what jason was saying.

    Mickey:Bennett was set to practice today, so when they released rucker, maybe bennett is ready to go and they brought back the fullback. Jenkins limited in practice, and newman wasnt practicing, and if jenks limited, you might see mario butler activated. If cowboys have to go out there with 4 and 5 starter cbs and a cb only had 2 to 3 days practice, problem isnt qb, its cb.

    Mickey: Im saying he threw for 300 yards. You still have to throw to vernon davis right, your safeties nad lbs are going to have to cover davis, even if that qb threw for what 120 yards.

    Mickey; he cant play for 6 weeks, didnt catch who thats on pup.

    Mickey:dont know about dez 100% was limited in practice, but must have felt better about dez because they releeased robinson since miles was ok and now you have to know cowboys are monitoring dez, so to release robinson wr, they must feel good about dez.

    Mickey, how did that happen that hatcher got caught covering rb. This is all for those fans that are infuated with blitzing, when you do that, you will have guys covering maybe they shouldnt. There was another play where mccray hit sanchez but didnt stop him or get him down and sanchez completed the pass.

    Mickey, we havent found out why rob ryan got mad. Announcer said he thinks a jet said something to him passing by and rob was livid, and still livid after the game.
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    He's probably referring to Bruce Carter...
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    wasnt sure if was carter or the kicker forbath something

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