Recap: 1053thefan. Mickey Spagnola Recap

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    Mickey, when you have dez playing at about 85 %, and miles not back to playing till after bye, you have to play with what you have. Ogletree is 3rd wr with austin and miles there, but if one of those guys got hurt or both, he isnt ready as starting wr, and has shown that. So, now with robinson they have to give him a crash course to getting ready and play more. You have to know where to line up, and in heat of battle lots of guys dont step up, and why rookie wrs dont do to much their rookie or 2nd year. Again, ogletree hasnt had that many cathes with experience. If you go back and look at it, ogletree has mostly just had screens as catches, not going down the field and making catches.

    Mickey, on choice, in NFL you have opportunity and choice isnt showing it right now, and you would like bennett to catch those passes, but he will only get maybe 3 catches per game, because he cant produce big numbers because you have witten getting most of passes. And yeah i heard jerry jones said that we need bennett now to get more catches with injuries at wrs.

    Mickey, Last yr, free didnt have trouble with orapkpo, so i am thinking something is wrong.

    Mickey, I dont know that in years past players would have come back out and played with injuries, and i thought we saw last yr when jason garrett took over, dont hang your head, play one play at a time, keep grinding and maybe its the message from jason garrett and players are listening.

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