Recap: 1053thefan:Mickey Spagnola Thursday Afternoon Recap

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    Mickey:Too funny they were playing Rocky fight music and they were saying mickey was lacing up his gloves. Mickey, felix was doing some warm up drills on sidelines, but again everybody seems to think on and off the record felix will be ready to go. Their probably going to activate a rb washington probably tomorrow, i think its what around 3 pm tomorrow.

    Mickey:yeah because he had some reputation he is fragile coming out of arkansas, just dont think its that, when someone grabs your ankle u get a high ankle sprain. I dont know if they went and got choice if he was available. Put a bigger neck brace on in tampa bay game with a neck roll on ware. Its a bigger neck roll and for comfort.

    Mickey:McCray didnt practice yet, so there getting silva ready and i think they might activate him and get him ready, but last week he played mostly o special teams, so maybe its that type of thing to let them rest and get what we can get out of them. All cbs are ready, and played some at spots like walker.

    Mickey:Jerry said he is designated watcher on giants jets game. Only 1 tv in locker room i think, but unless they put it on big screen during warmups. I think if you get emotionally involved before you play, you lose track of your game you have to play. Haha, tweet it on scoreboard of jets game with giants.

    Mickey:Absolutely you had better get your tds, in my books more field goals you kick, your closer to losing, fgs not so good when your playing a high scoring team, but again 6 teams have scored 29 points against the eagles defense. I wouldnt argue with you on cowboys holding them less then 37 on defense, cowboys defense, but they need to run the ball and get time on the clock because last time they only had what like 7 minutes in the game last time, so absolutely they need to run some time off the clock and score against the eagles defense.
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    yw buddy :)

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