Recap: 1053thefan:Mickey Spagnola Thursday Morning Recap

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 8, 2011.

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    Mickey, can you ramp it up, if you lose, so you need to stay on even keel and dont sell yourself short, but again ramifications are important,

    Mickey;dont know how healthy nicks is, and had 9 guys that didnt practice yesterday. Difficult issue is cruz, and how he has emerged, and 68 yards away from breaking ny giants rec yards. There is no soft spot among their wr core and if bradshaw is able to play, makes it tough, paraphrasing. They have lost 4 or 5 straight games so there is something their doing wrong.

    Mickey;when the cowboys have had fortune against giants is getting pressure on eli and make sure bradshaw doesnt go off against them.

    Mickey;cowboys defense style wise, placated on trying to confuse offenses with different formations and what you put players, they would like to say its multiplicity, move ware, spencer, butler around and in a stretch has been good against the run, but grit your teeth because cbs are left in alot of single coverage. But if your saying im leaving my cbs alone, then you had better get to the qb.

    mickey;tyron sprained his right ring finger, and looks like a golf ball in miami game, and played through it, but cowboys noticed it last week and he siad, no its better. ware, bennett, didnt practice. Bunch of giants didnt practice, osi and phillips may not play, i imagine kitna, brent and tanner dont play but other players like miles and fiammeatta play, and if robinson healthy to go, then you can spread defensse out with dez, miles, and robinson. Which will allow murray and felix to run wild, my own views in last statement and also allow jason witten to be open more to.
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    thats alot of key guys for Giants possibly out.

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