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    Mickey, just did walkthrough, but sheet says did not practice, look guys dont like to admit they dont practice. Same thing for costa and mccray, they did not practice. They nursed him through stinger in game, and they dont go away, they last awhile. Gete as many quality plays out of ware as you can without afffecting his neck issue anymore.

    Mickey:spencer has had his moments yet other times when really needed hasnt come through, but they dont see to get much push in the middle because they double team ratliff, which leaves other guys on one to one with ware and ratliff doubleteamed. So guys singled up, hatcher, spencer those guys got to start getting there and making plays. Misconception, some guys done time it well or get skinny and get through. Were 13 games into the season, got to do better job, but make sure everybody that is suppose to blitz blitzes but who covers sure covers, for example the 47 yard pass by giants, someone blew coverage.

    Mickey;mental toughness, they won 4 and lost 5, so what mentally tough in 4 games and not 5, but its inconsistency, and winds up being from quarter to quarter and at end like arizona game. Sometimes it comes down to are you good enough and you make mistakes, your not mentally tough, but when you pull games out like miami game and won one game in overtime, so how do you figure.

    Mickey, i think they were hoping kitna would come around, and made move to get griesen, but dez does have strongest arm on cowboys thats not a qb, but is he going to throw it to right person because dez can throw it 60 yards. And griesen new qb got 20,000 last yr for just being oni team a few games, and he will get alittle more this year. Mcgee knows he is it at backup.

    Mickey:seem hopeful costa was going through wakthrough, but he did not practice, so nursing him through to the game, and mccray same mode to, did walkthrough but did not practice. Same thing for mccray, he is your only backup at safety and you have to cover te with church out now, and they put te wide and sean lee had to cover him and they did that and got lee out of the way, and then they could do what they wanted to do in the middle of the field and tampabay has a te you have to be able to cover. But they need jenkins because he is your best coverage cb and if injured, well....

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