Recap: 1053thefan:Mickey Spagnola Tuesday Morning Podcast & Recap

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Note, I did both this time, podcast for those that can listen and short recap for those that cant.

    Mickey, yeah I heard Jerry say like you guys heard on your show that Jerry Jones gave green light for Murray to take Emmitt Smith's record. Dont think anyone would be mad if murray broke emmitts or dorsett's record but that he had a problem with it to begin with.

    Mickey, more consistent pressure on QB, like last 3 years pass rush went down, and cowboys have done better job mixing up coverages and how they played.With how sensabaugh is playing better and how ab elam has stepped up and played safety way darren woodson has played way back when. With ware 8 sacks now and on pace to get record, what 22 that strahan has?

    Back spasms you have to monitor for ware maybe to give him a day and clear up. (Note, does anyone remember a year or so ago when cowboys played saints and ware was hurt, so he didnt practice hardly at all and had dominant game? Should this be mentioned to Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan so possibly Ware can have monster game against the eagles?
    Mickey, yeah let Holland talk

    Mickey, you have to monitor or watch Vick on his runs or scrambling, because when the eagles rush for like 170 yards a game and Vick has ran 80 yards or so, you have to watch or contain vick, so he doesnt hurt you with his legs or feet.
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    Joe, thank you for your efforts (I mean that sincerely), but I don't understand your recap.
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    I understand buddy, thats why i put the podcast but I try. Just hard to type while their talking and get it all down. :)

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