Recap: 1053thefan: Mickey Spagnola Tuesday Morning Recap

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Mickey:trip coverage question, this one is relatively simple because flight is short going to phoenix and only thing is leaving the stadium. Pretty easy in and out one, where hotel isnt far from the stadium.

    Mickey; dont think you can keep having these close shaves and win them all, because sometimes things dont go right down the stretch and jerry made a good point because last yr at this time they were 3-8.

    Mickey, no you dont blow teams out in post season, but you would like to put people down and away and not have such a mental grind and i think break after thanksgiving refreshed them.

    Mickey: workload on murray question, haha, before we were worried felix wasnt getting touches, look felix will get some touches and murray was touchingi the ball alot out at oklahoma. No, im not concerned about it at all and he didnt have what alot of touches the first what 5 games.

    Mickey:i would go there, its only a one game lead, we had this team buried before and we laughed at jerry when he said he wasnt concerned after phily game, but if they win this game and game agasint giants then we can talk about it. I dont think its over by any means.

    Mickey:in regards to, difference in jerry this yr question, i havent seen it. but thats the way its been awhile, he gets more blame then credit and jerry listens and lstens well. Alot of coaches that came through here didnt wantto take responsibility for players roster decisions, but if you tell jerry what you want, like in draft, jerry listens. For example, jimmy johnson put his stamp on roster decisions and what players he wanted, parcells did that, but some other coaches didnt want to do that. Jason Garrett does that to, say what players he wants and doesnt want or who he wants to draft. Paraphrasing here, in other words, if you say you want a player as a head coach like say
    T O or draft certain players, then 3 years later or so, if doesnt work out, you put yourself on the line, and open to being fired if things dont work out, but mickey kept saying that if you let jerry know what type players you want on your team, then jerry listens and gives you what you want.

    Mickey:i think its going to be another week or 2, i think theory is, same thing he had in carolina and timeline when carolina released him and cowboys picked him up and they think its getting close of same time limit that he left carolina and cowboys signed him to where they think he can come back and play. In other words the time line is another week or 2 where they think tony fiaemmaetta can come back and play.
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    Ok, this is important. I don't remember, what was wrong with Fiammy in Carolina and why did they release him??

    I don't remember.
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    Would love to have Tony back. This is good news all around if true.
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    best i remember but dont quote me on this, carolina thought tony was having concussions symdrone, but they couldnt find anything and the carolina staff kept getting frustrated at fiaemmeatta because they couldnt find anything and tony kept not practicing for long periods of time,

    kinda like now with the cowboys and tony f, they cant find anything at least thats what they say

    their thinking is give tony same amount of time tony quit playing and practicing with carolina and time they cut him to time he signed with us and started working out and practicing, something along those lines

    their thinking that time span is about due in another week or 2 and then tony would be back on course to play
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    The thing about Tony is that now you can no longer trust that he can make it that long without the symptoms returning. In other words, we probably should look to drafting a bigtime fullback. Chapas just doesn't look the part to me. Maybe he will after a few years in the weight room.
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    yep, totally agree, i think what the cowboys will have to do when tony fia..... comes back is monitor his playing time, give him some series here and there, then let john phillips do the other, so if concussions syndrome maybe wont occur so much with limited time. I do think that coach woicik can put some more muscle on chapas, now is he the type of player willing to stick his neck in there and pop people i dont know, but he did in training camp, just didnt have any pop to move people in the hole. I totally agree with drafting a fullback and i have a few in mind, will tell more about them later when i do my mock draft later this weekend, still working on my war room etc, wont have it fully ready til about 14th of december, but i do have it all basically done except for my draft section, every thing else is ready to blow you all away.

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