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    Mickey:tony casillas coming up at 9 am,

    Mickey:yes i heard him, mmmmm, dont know anything was surprising way jerry answered your questions. I think this team fell short of what it could have been, look i thought they would go 9-7, changing head coaches, defensive coordinators and changing offensive line, but in hindsight they couldnt hold leads, yeah its disappointing and again thats why they make you play 4 quarters and its an 8-8 season.

    Mickey:it did somewhat when they played well against new england, but they didnt win, there are ways to lose a game but look at detriot and that game was won, it was won and defense couldnt hold up and i said that game was going to come back and haunt them, so yeah i know thats frustrating and when you do that repeatedly thats says to me, your just not good enough

    Mickey: im not sure how long you can be at the job, and how long you can do it before your a football guy, and learn how to do it by emphnosasis, and tex was a tv pr guy and grew into the job and gil brandt was a baby photogapher and you can grow into a job and you make a list, of good moves and bad moves and see how ledger comes out, adn so they made some pretty good decisions, and jerry doesnt sit in that office and make it by himself, but gets lots of opinions from coaching staff, scouts, stephen, and really by himself its not how things work but people pull the curtain, and how many gms got fired the other day, 2, jerry will always tell u, if he is gm, he doesnt have to go to owner, in jerrys mind, can i spend this money, and i can ask stephen and jason can we get this guy

    Mickey:i dont know if rob is a head coach next month, i dont think so, where are the openings, i think he did a nice job here but not a great job

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