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    Mickey:whats the core, in relation to question that aikman said blow up the core, that all sounds fine, name me a team that just blows it up, yeah and indyu went what 2-14, im arguing with concept of blowing it up, never seen an nfl team do that, theres a salary cap and if you blow it up, they have escalating salaries like romo, witten, ware comments, so if you get rid of romo who is your qb, people just dont trade in nfl like they used to, so blow up concept in nfl just doesnt work because your looking at 4 years to recover

    Mickey, where is ratliff going, he's not going to the probowl, so somebody thinks ratliff played well, roy williams played well till he went in tank and got that big raise, thats the problem with some of our players, like austin, free, they get big money then dont step up, no i dont think ratliff isnt goinjg to hit a wall, and one reason why robinson did well because they didnt single austin or jason witten who got double coverage

    Mickey:ball, uh, its not a priority to sign him, marty b market will determine, brooking last down, dockery if you need avet or if you dont have LOG spot filled, elam think played last down, holland think they wnat better, bradie-bruce carter is here, kitna his back does him otu, so i see them drafting a qb and brining in moderate veteran qb, but if you think flynn is worth it, then he is ready to be your backup, mcbrair think they wantto go forward with chris jones nad mcbrair is 32, and donjt have proper feeling in left foot and your out of contract, reason why they kept chris jones around and working with him not only as a punter but holder and he is left footed, and giants mishandled his punts,

    Mickey, morris-no, walker-no dont think so, spencer thats a tough one, because you have to have replacement for him, market value will determine where he goes, understand he doenst get sacks, but they drop him into coverage alot, you want more out of him yeah, would you give him a big long term contract,no but they dont have ready replacement forhim on this team

    Mickey:robinson that will be head scratcher and comes down to market value, i mean using up salary cap dollars and you cant keep spending money on wr, now you want that guy back with running 3 wrs but again in real world market is going to dicate and someone will pay him starting wr salary, and diffucult thing with him, its a 1 yr deal but in bargaining agreement you can give him more than miminum but you can only charge 500,000 and you cant sign him now and he hits the open market, so he can go out in market and find out what he is worth
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    Jay Ratliff isn't the player he was in 2008 and 2009. So, why give him a huge raise at 30 when you really only received two true bargain years from him (2008 and 2009). He's still a decent player, but he's clearly over-rated now and over-paid, imo.

    Jerry Jones makes a joke about Ratliff being under-paid, and then, he forks over Fort Knox to a player who was coming off a major downward swing. Just be quiet, Jerry. $ 48 million dollars and $ 18 million guaranteed...It was a 5 year extension, and Ratliff had two years left on his deal and was coming off a significant decline in his play. He played better this year, but he's still not the 2008 and 2009 version. Is he going to get better? Why take that gamble?

    The Giants and Eagles had no problem blocking Ratliff one-on-one when they destroyed the Cowboys' defense once again this year. The Eagles and Giants can handle Ratliff one-on-one in the running and passing games, too. It's been proven on the field during the last two years.

    As far as Miles Austin's contract goes. Jerry Jones has the bulk of the blame, too. Jerry is the guy who forked over Fort Knox for one Roy E. Williams. That set the market for the NFL and Miles Austin. So, he has to way over pay for Miles Austin after his break out year. Now, Austin is over-paid and over-rated.

    Austin's horrendous route (drifting towards the sideline) and poor running technique (shoulders not square) on that infamous pass against the Giants was one of three key plays in that game that cost Dallas the division. Austin is getting paid big money to make that catch, and that ball should have been caught. The coaches can take some blame, too. If that ball is thrown to Bryant or Robinson, the Cowboys win the division. So, I have no problem saying that Austin is over-rated and over-paid. Then, Austin has to go into typical show-off mode, only to realize the clock is running towards 0:00. Furthermore, his team is losing (on Dallas' last possession). Honestly, I wish he would strut, show-off, and act like Spider-man some where else. That isn't happening with that contract.

    I can understand the hamstring injuries, because they happened all over the league. However, coming up small due to poor fundamentals and poor technique and then showing off while the clock is ticking and your team is losing...That is ridiculous. There is nothing like seeing Austin act like Spider-man by jumping over a team-mate's head (see the Vikings last year). Hey, Miles scoreboard. How many times has your team been to the playoffs in the past four years?

    The Cowboys can't build the passing game around Dez Bryant fast enough, however, will it really matter with this organization?

    8-8 or 9-7 probably awaits until Jerry Jones stops being delusional with his ability to be a GM.
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    The thing that bugged me more this year than anything else is that we didn't just keep feeding Dez the ball . This kid should be our calvin johnson not 3 first half catches and then nothing . Yeah some if it could be his fault but come on keep feeding the monster
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    Dez Bryant had a really good year, and I agree. Dallas should have gotten a little more out of him. However, it isn't Bryant's fault, either. I agree with getting him the ball more. Hakeem Nicks is no better than Dez Bryant, and people should go compare their stats this year, go deep inside various categories. In fact, I think Dez Bryant is the better player.

    There is no reason for Bryant not to be at least in the top 20 in YAC. It's not Bryant's fault, imso. A West Coast team could get Bryant the ball where he could just run away. Shorter throws...You can still throw it deeper to him, too.

    Bill Walsh would have a field day with Bryant's YAC ability that was untapped this year, imo.

    Robinson is getting all the hype, and Dez is getting the shaft in the media.

    However, I could make a very strong argument that Bryant was Dallas' best WR this year. The numbers are behind him.

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