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    Mickey:I think dez would be questionable for 49ers game, although he was riding and walking very well, but you should know more by friday. I think its a thigh bruise, was early, with everyone saying was on punt returns, i think was after he caught a pass. Was leaning on a couple of teammates on sideline and coach wr robinson came up and said he was ok. Then, dez had cramps later during game, just have to see how much he can pratice later during the week.

    Fan Flash: Teddy Williams hurt leg on crutches in lockerroom, Dez on stationary bike and Newman not praticing yet. Tony Casillas coming up on cowboys at 9 am.

    Mickey, sean lee was getting alot of the snaps, and i want to say they did it around the 3rd preseason game. Lee can play, and brooking is a salty veteran, and willing to help any way he can, and i dont see a problem there.

    Mickey:I think alittle bit rj, that blitz, with some guys are left uncovered, and if qb can figure it out, they will take advantage of it, like if when hathcer had to cover tomasilin. Like when mcray hit sanchez, but he didnt knock him down, so when you play pressure defense, you know your going to have some bad plays like when buddy ryan played that defense, when jimmy johnson would tell his qb dont take a sack, and make a big play when available.

    Mickey; dont know that nagy had starting job, with arkin and nagy had competition with each other and nagy started. I think that dockery has more size and some experience, with dockery seeing how much he can handle and i wouldnt bet against dockery being the starter, but now teams have film to figure out where soft spot is, and nagy needs an offseason of conditioning and getting stronger.

    Mickey:at least walker cb knows his way around the league and where are you going to find an all pro cb sitting there now. Walker is an effort guy, so you have a nickel guy that can play, maybe over mccan, but doesnt look good for newman going forward today not praticing. When jets saw the cowboys lost their cbs, im sure that the 49ers will be to do same thing that jets did, see how good our backup cbs are. The 49ers im sure will run a wheel route to see how good our backup cbs are and if they can cover, so the cowboys have to be ready.

    Next, on new school, tony romo says it wont happen again.,

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