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    Tony:ahhhhhhhhh, dont think its a failure, every yr we drink koolaid and think their a different football team. On defense, its amazing, rob ryan defense started out so well, and basiclally its the players you have in place, maybe 2 players had contributing yr with sean lee and ware, they just dont have the talent guys and problem i have with rob ryan, no pass rush just rush 3 guys, rj you think sometimes you think as def coordinator, ultimately its not on him but the players and they just cant line up and when you blitz you have to get to qb and if your not doing that something has to give.

    Tony:look at the culture, cowboys are making millions of dollars but they havent done anything, culture is this, jerry has to look around adn say what have i done, they have to have some type of identity, dont go out and try to sell the cowboys like you have, have to be lot of changes in offseason.

    Tony:i know my experience with jerry, they like him, and he if extends my contract for 5 yrs, he is greatest but jerry has to make these players feel uncomfortable and jerry kinda makes feel guys get complacent and too comfortable, so to the players jerry is like uncle tom and jerry has to make players feel uncomfortable and that he could fire any player even though he signed you to a long term contract and another thing do guys play into the is head coach really in control of this team. Jerry is what he is, and i think his expectations are higher and i can kinda sense he feels uncomfortable, and there is some entitlement there, when he goes to sideline, and i think that will be always landscape of the team

    Tony;i i think jason did a good job but do i need 2 titles, head coach and off coordinator, had he won nfc east could have said done exceptional job but like games agasint giants think he got outcoached, but i reallly would look at the 2 titles are taking too much of him

    Tony:i know him adn in time and gets good staff around him and gets players he needs and i believe in what jason stands for and i think he makes players accountable, your only going to see so much, but i think jason alot goes on in team meetings, and i think in that locker room he has ahold of team, but i dont think he has talent level he needs

    tony, i got to start with off line and defensively there is no one on def line that isnt exposable and the secondary, get conservative mayve convert to 4-3, you got to have guys to anchor inside, we know was short season due to lockout and they will have guys intact for offseason but they really have to look at lines to anchor,

    paraphrasing in other words like tony was saying about rob ryans system, you cant plug guys into your system and say this is how it is, paraphrasing, you cant in other words put a round plug into a square hole, you have to realize what type of players what you have and what they do best and utliize that, to the players strenghts and as a coach use their strenths not have players play in a system style their not good at, like if we have defensive backs that are good at zone, but your having them play man to man, you have to put players in best position that their good at and build around that but you have to have the offensive and defensive lines to anchor and build off of.
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    Crazy talk.
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    Jerry is the ultimate enabler
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    So we have a former player conceding that Jerry is creating an atmosphere that isn't conducive to winning.

    Perish the thought...
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    I'm shocked. A former player thinks Jerry is an enabler and his style isn't conducive to winning? Shocked and stunned that the "unique way the Cowboys are structured" could be a detriment to winning. You don't say?
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    Does not count. Only players who ask him to present them into the Hall of Fame count.

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