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#109 - 4th Round - Dallas, Marion Barber III, RB, MINNESOTA

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. stag hunter

    stag hunter Hater

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    better pick a new jersey number
  2. Az Lurker

    Az Lurker The Lurker

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    my uncle is a big gopher fan and during my grandfather's funeral week I got to see a fair bit of tape this guy. The kid can play, I'd say very good value for the pick
  3. Juke99

    Juke99 ...Abbey someone

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    2004 231 1269 5.5 11
    2003 207 1196 5.8 17
    2002 19 69 3.6 0

    Career stats.
  4. MinnesotaCowboy

    MinnesotaCowboy Member

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    I have watched Barber for a couple of years now and believe this was an excellent pick! He has the speed to run outside and the leg strength to run inside. Bill struck gold here!
  5. playmakers

    playmakers Active Member

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    I watched Barbar play to and I thought for sure he was going to be a top 15 pick. This guy is a player.
  6. sdooley

    sdooley New Member

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    He reminds of Leon Johnson (also a 4th round pick by Parcells in '97). They're about the same size with similar styles, and both had good enough hands to be trusted with return duties.

    Leon wasn't a superstar by any means, by I remember him being a pretty valuable guy that filled a variety of roles during Parcells' tenure with the Jets.

    Here's to hoping the Barber can do the same for us...
  7. Duane

    Duane Active Member

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    Good analogy and welcome to the forum. :welcome:
  8. nathanlt

    nathanlt Well-Known Member

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    Did anyone find a highlight reel on Barber?

    Here's a good story I found.
    Minnesota running back Marion Barber III ran for two touchdowns and threw for another, helping Minnesota to a 45-0 homecoming victory over Illinois. The loss was the Fighting Illini's fifth straight. Illinois was held to 72 yards rushing and dropped its 13th straight Big Ten game. Redshirt freshman Brad Bower started at quarterback for Illinois, completing 14-20 passes for 131 yards. He also rushed nine times for a team-best 39 yards. QB Chris Pazan directed Illinois' offense for the last two series of the second quarter, completing 5-9 passes for 28 yards and one interception. WR Kendrick Jones caught six passes for 34 yards.
  9. Pointguard01

    Pointguard01 New Member

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    I like this pick. Dont think JJ can give us 25+ carries every game for an entire season and hopefully Barber can be a 5-10 carry guy and help in the passing game.

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