11/04/2013 Mock Draft.

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    Ok after the abysmal running game yesterday coupled everything we have seen up to this point this year.

    Here is my Nov. Week 9 Mock Draft.

    1st. We saw what a good OG can do for our right side:
    Cyril RichardsonOG6'4½"335Baylor
    • Massive individual with an ideal anchor. Powerful upper body with heavy/strong hands. Light on feet for size but has just marginal flexibility and is a bit of waist bender. Lateral agility is sub-par. Must learn to show more patience in sets and will lunge and get caught off balance at times. Just average ability to recovery ability.
    2nd. Need to Replace Spencer who is leaving:
    Jackson Jeffcoat

    DE Senior 6-4¼, 254 lbs
    • Displays good first step quickness Possesses active and quick hands but can continue to develop as a counter puncher. Comes off with good leverage. Adequate speed to power capabilities. Doesn't have upper echelon torso flexibility but can dip his shoulder off the edge. Flashes an effective inside swim move. Closing burst is good.
    • Shows good first step quickness and can exploit gaps to create penetration. Also comes off the ball with good leverage. Flashes heavy hands to jar blockers. Still developing hands in combat to quickly shed. Average anchor and will be engulfed by bigger blocker in a phone booth. Good overall range in pursuit.
    3rd. CB/S
    Rashaad Reynolds

    4th. QB either one of these would be a Steel:
    Tajh BoydQB6'0¾"224Clemson701091

    Derek CarrQB6'2¾"209Fresno State6211113

    5th. DE/DT

    Martin Ifedi
    , DLMEM
    • Ifedi (6-foot-3, 265 pounds) was moved from tackle to end during spring practice in 2012 and blossomed at his new position. He led the Tigers with 7.5 sacks and 11 tackles for loss despite suffering a sprained ankle in the opener that bothered him for a few weeks. Consistency was an issue -- not surprising, considering the position change. Still, his performance helped the Tigers rack up 29 sacks, more than doubling their total of 14 from 2011.
    6th. RB to replace Murry or Tanner:
    Silas Redd
      • 5-9⅛, 201 lbs
    • Overall vision is average-to-above average. Good patience to set up and utilize blocks. Shows a natural feel for the cut back lanes. Very little wasted motion in the backfield and gets north and south when recognizing crease. Above-average second level vision.
    • Quick feet and possesses good lateral agility with jump cut. Above-average short-area burst to and through the hole. Acceleration and stop/start ability is adequate but not in the upper echelon level. Lacks a home run hitting extra gear.
    6th: Top rated Lineman
    7th: Top rated Safety
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    I dont like Silas Redd, hurt in college usually means hurt more in pros. No more fragile RBs. Boyd has really seen his draft draft stock fall. Watched a little of the Clemson game the other day. First throw, right into triple coverage. He has an above the neck problem.
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    jeffcoat would be a terrible....i can't emphasis enough TERRIBLE pick.
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    Are you on crack. You think boyd will be there in the 4th. He's a top 1st round pick. You don't watch or keep up with college football do you. Your whole mock draft shows that.
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    Note to self no Christmas card for supercowboy8
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    If they didn't take Warford in the second, I can't imagine they would want to take Richardson in the first. Similar players if I'm not mistaken.
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    Everybody is in play in November no matter what the round. We still have the media gossip months to go through in the early part of 2014.

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