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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JPostSam, Mar 9, 2005.

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    i know this is a big if, BUT... if one of the two top-rated qbs is available at #11, there's a way to turn that pick into three draft picks: trade it to green bay.

    the packers need an heir to brett favre and may be eager to grab an alex smith or aaron rogers, if they're available.

    what would they give up?

    #24 in the first
    #58, their second pick in round 2
    #89, in the 3rd

    that's actually slightly less than equivalent in value to the 11th pick overall, according to the draft value chart (1205 points to 1250), but i certainly wouldn't quibble.

    to preempt those of you would want shawne merriman at that spot instead of three other players later on, i'll add the proviso that he's already off the board.

    so, in that case, would you do it?
  2. nathanlt

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    Hate to be a killjoy here, but I don't think the Packers, ( or anyone else ), thinks that a great QB is to be had in this draft. Leinart's gone. Slim pickings after that.

    That being said, trading down is the way to go, in my opinion.
  3. JPostSam

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    that may be, but quarterbacks ALWAYS get attention. it isn't as if san francisco will take one and everyone else will let the other QBs sit there on the board for a round or two.

    out of curiosity, whom do you think the eagles would be targetting when they trade up for our #20, in the scenario in your signature?
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    I agree, with all the pressing needs that GB needs (did you see their defense last year? Was very bad) I dont think they could really afford to take a gamble on two QB's that normally wouldnt be this high up in previous drafts. Oh and Im sure they need a couple of OL now too. Im willing to bet they gonna use a mid to late pick on a qb. But if they did offer those picks, Id say go for it
  5. nathanlt

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    Don't know, but I'm hoping it's a gamble like Dan Cody. My scenario is more about the draft value chart math, and less about the needs of the Eagles. It's just a scenario.
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    Although the nature of this draft would seem to make trading down a good option, I don't think trading down to 24 and 58 would be a good option. For an 11, I would want two picks in the top 35 or 40. This draft is deep in possibles, but not in probables.
  7. ghettogandhi

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    Im all for trading down but it must be smart- I would love to trade down a few times in this draft if Merriman/ derrick johnson are gone at 11.... if travis johnson and troy williamson are gone at 20 Im all for it- this is a draft that is deep but definitely not full of cant miss stars.

    Does anyone know when the last time two qbs were not selected in the top 15 of the draft?

    the last time two qbs were not drafted in the top 15 was in 2000- although chris redman went to the Ravens near the end of round 1.

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