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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Dec 15, 2013.

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    1st Round- HaHa Clinton-Dix, FS Bama- Defensive playmaker with great ball skills. BPA on defense and only there because he borrowed some $

    2nd Round- Dominque Easely, DT/DE Florida- Why not? He was on his way to being a top 20 pick and the injury happened early enough that he shouldn't miss much time (surgery done by Andrews). Love his versatility to play him at either DT or DE.

    3rd Round- Michael Sam, DE/LB Mizzu- A little undersized but he has one heck of a motor and knows how to get after the QB. Can be moved all ove

    4th Round- Andrew Norwell, OG/OT Ohio State- Has played both RT and G for Ohio State. Absolute road graded in the running game. Good size and strength that could help Free out on the right side.

    5th Round- James White, RB Wisconsin- Overshadowed by Ball and now Melvin Gordon, but he has been quietly extremely productive. 1,100 yards and 12 TD's to go along with 31 catches.

    6th Round- Anthony Hitchens, LB Iowa- Tackling machine who seemed to get 10 tackles every game by accident. 100+ tackles in back to back years.

    7th Round- Ricky Havili-Heimuli, DT Oregon- Big body to throw at the D line

    7th Round- Kevin Norwood, WR Bama- Would probably go a few rounds higher if he went to a school that was more passing oriented.
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    Interesting mock.

    Ha Ha is definitely the coverage type Safety that you need in the modern NFL; however, he would need to definitely be the BPA because I'm not certain that more inexperience is the key to the Cowboys Safety issues.

    I would have to pass on Easley that early. He not only tore the ACL in the right knee this season, but also tore his left ACL in 2011. Add in the fact that he is undersized at 6'1-1/2", 285 and he is a big risk.

    I like Michael Sam a lot. If he is available in the 3rd, then it is a great pick. In reality, I think you might have to swap draft positions with Sam and Easley.

    In the later rounds I prefer high-upside players that just need more time to develop. I think Andrew Norwell might be the opposite. He seems more like a limited upside player that is fairly well developed technique wise.

    I'm not to familiar with the other players, but I'll try to review them.
  3. tm1119

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    I had Will Sutton in the 2nd instead of Easley but switched them at the last second....any interest in Sutton despite the somewhat down year?

    And I see what you're saying on Norwell, but I didn't see a whole lot of guys who where capable of playing next year at guard past the 3rd round. Any names that fit that bill?
  4. xwalker

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    I kind of like Sutton, but every time I watch him I think of Drake Nevis. He is quick, but just not quite powerful enough and sometimes get stuck on blocks. He's probably a short arm guy like Nevis.

    I they want to go with a smallish DT in the 2nd, Aaron Donald has extra level of quickness over Sutton, IMO.

    I also like Kelcy Quarles in that area of the draft. He's listed at 298, but appears to have a bigger frame that a guy like Sutton.

    I have not studied to many of the latter round Guards, but a couple of possibilities are:
    Spencer Long: Should drop from 2nd/3rd to latter rounds due to a season ending injury.
    Tre Jackson: If he enters the draft is big with some quickness.

    Another guy that fits the ready now but limited upside is Anthony Steen. He might have been OK last year when the Cowboys were just scrambling to find anyone to play OG, but now that they have some reasonable starters, I would stay away from the limited upside guys.
  5. tm1119

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    Are you counting on Waters coming back? Or are you saying you're fine with Bernadeau starting next year?

    And I think Donald will be gone by the time we pick in the 2nd or I agree that he would be a great pick.

    Kony Ealy is also an interesting name if he comes out and is still around. Could play both inside and out and he's pretty dynamic. Not sure if he's going to come out if he's a mid 2nd rounder though.
  6. xwalker

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    I'm not counting on Waters. He is a good insurance policy if they have injures in training camp, but making decisions in the spring based on Waters would not be a good plan.

    Bernadeau is playing well. The past 2 games were his best since he's been here.

    They must add talent at Guard because they have zero depth and while Bernadeau is decent, he could be upgraded. They are currently 1 injury away from Phil Costa starting at Guard or having to move Fred to Guard with Costa at Center.

    Kony Ealy would be my top target at DE if he is available in the 2nd.
  7. NeonDeion21

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    This is a quote from an NFL scout to me on Sutton, "Short Arms are an issue. Gets stuck to blocks. Lacks base to sustain POA. Will be out of league after rookie contract." I don't completely agree, but that the short arms are a real concern.
  8. ABQcowboyJR

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    I completely agree about the OG spot. IMO this is the #1 priority in FA this year. We need to get a FA guard to keep that line solidified. We were fairly fortunate with O-line injuries thus far in the season.
  9. Future

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    All in all, I think I would be pretty happy if this is how it all turned out. Agree with the concerns about Easley's knees, but honestly, taking a guy like that in the second round is probably the most likely thing for the Cowboys to do.
  10. xwalker

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    Yep, basically the same as my evaluation; although, I don't know that he will be out of the league, but maybe not a starter.

    Current Cowboys player Drake Nevis and early season cut Landon Cohen have similar issues. Very good quickness, but get stuck on blocks due to short arms and limited anchor strength.
  11. RS12

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    Is'nt Nevis the scrap heap version of Sutton?

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