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    1st Round- John Jenkins NT Georgia- Finally the big strong NT in the middle of the d-line we've been lacking for a long time. Provides a great push up the middle and a true run stuffer. A player like him in the middle makes the rest of the D better.

    2nd Round- Gabe Jackson OG Miss St- Has the build and athletic ability of an OT and has 3 years of starting experience in the SEC at OG. Very underrated o-line prospect in my opinion and fits our scheme perfectly because of how athletic he is at the OG position.

    3rd Round- Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford- Our offense clearly needs to maintain balance and have a solid running game to succeed. DeMarco's ability to carry the load and stay healthy is a huge ? so we need a capable back to help carry the load and step up in case of injury. Taylor is a beast and a steal in the 3rd, just love the way he runs tough at all times.

    4th Round- Shawn Williams SS Georgia- Big physical safety who isnt afraid to play at the line and isnt a liability in coverage at all. Church isnt a sure thing and Danny McCray shouldn't ever be on an NFL defense again. We need depth at the safety position and Williams is a nice athlete who fills the need.

    5th Round- Manase Foketi OT West Texas A&M- Obviously a small school project, but from what I've seen of him he is a man among boys at his level. Also a terrific athlete with an almost ideal long and muscular 6'5 320 LB frame for an OT. A project but one with a high ceiling.

    6th Round- Ryan Allen P La Tech- Yup. Why not? We need a punter so I pick the best 1 in college football with our last pick. Probably a more productive pick than any position player that ends up on the practice squad.
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    In college, I once got a paper back with a B grade. The lady wrote next the B, "I would have given most people an A for this, but I think you can do better".

    Actually, I like all of it except Jenkins in the 1st. I would prefer to just get a low to mid level FA like Terrance Knighton to be a big-body run-stuffer. A true NT that does not play in the nickel 4-man line will only play about 50% of the defensive snaps. I would prefer to use the 1st on someone with high upside at a position that would play near 100% of the offensive or defensive snaps.
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    I like some of the choices just give me Barrett Jones in the first and Chase Thomas in the second. Jenkins to me in the first is nothing special and the OG in the second does not meet the BPA compared to Chase Thomas OLB from Stanford.
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    Manase Foketi
    is has an interesting story.

    He was a JUCO transfer to Kansas State in 2010. He started at LT in 2010. He missed 2011 with an achilles injury. He graduated K-State in 2012. He took 2011 as a redshirt year. I'm not clear on the reason, but he wanted to transfer from K-State to another D-I school and play another year; however, K-State would not release him from the program. He ended up at D-II West Texas A&M.

    He was #73 at K-State and #67 at West Texas. I have only found very minimal game footage from West Texas, but there is plenty from K-State in 2010.
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    Here is an old scouting report on Foketi:

    OT Manase Foketi: No. 73 (6-5, 305)
    A former JUCO guy who joined the Kansas State football team in 2010 and started every game at left tackle. Possesses natural power through his base, good initial quickness when asked to get into defenders in the run game and creates a snap on contact. Needs to do a better job keeping his base down off the snap, has a tendency to come off the ball a bit high and will struggle with leverage. Gets ahead of himself as well and will lose balance through contact. Isn’t tight hipped however, displays natural athleticism, just struggles with balance through contact. Gets his head over his feet and can be shed. Nevertheless, displays good initial quickness when asked to step and seal, is very coordinated on the outside and looks natural on the move. Will struggle to recognize who to hit and awareness is a slight concern, but it should improve with some experience.

    Again, pops upright off the snap in the pass game when asked to reach speed off the edge. Displays natural range however, uses his length well to run speedy defenders past the quarterback and displays some natural power in his lower half when asked to anchor. His initial kick-step gets overextended and gets upright at the waist. However, settles his feet quickly and showcases natural balance and stays compact toward the edge. Showcases “plus” re-direction skills, is fluid in the hips and can mirror with consistency through the play.

    Improved as the year went on with his pad level, did a much better job toward end of the season keeping base down through his kick-slide. Possesses only average range to the edge vs. speed, will chicken wing his arms and expose his chest in order to create momentum toward the corner. However, exhibits good recovery ability and makes consistent contact on his punch. Isn’t real heavy handed and would like to see him do a better job sticking to blocks better in both the run/pass game.

    Impression: Raw, but a good athlete who can bend, stays compact with his footwork and possesses good lateral quickness. Needs some time and might be better suited to play inside, but the upside is there for this guy to move up draft boards in 2011.
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    Thanks for the info on Foketi, had no idea he even played at K State.
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    Not a fan of Jenkins, I live in the sec and watched a lot of Georgia games. Ive seen Tenn, south Carolina, Alabama, and Florida game and saw him pushed up and out the lanes with ease.

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