12 Questions With Mike Zimmer.

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    The reporter interviewing Mike Zimmer is female and somehow I think that affected the questions he received.
    It felt a bit too much "Good Morning America" for my tastes, but it's not as if I could transplant David Halprin
    or Raul Vela into the heart of the reporter.

    Q: What idea of a coach are you?

    Tough minded disciplinarian. I like to get to know players but be tough with them on the field.

    Q: How do you develop relationships with professional football players?

    It's like developing relationships with anybody, you get to know them as a person, uh, find out what makes them tick. What makes
    them, about their families, their background, what kinds of things you have in common with them.

    Q: There has to be a tremendous amount of respect there, hasn't there?

    Well yea, there is. You know, it's like with any business, the more you trust the person, the more you get to know them, the better
    you get to work for them. I'm sure they've heard about me, and I've heard about most of them too.

    Q: One of your favorites, Deion Sanders. Of course we know him around here in a Reds uniform, why was he so special to you?

    Well Deion was great because he always had a smile on his face, he always .. always wanted to compete. He still communicates
    with me, weekly probably. You know, he always had a joke he was telling or uh, he was just a good guy all round and uh, when it
    was time for him to stand up about, whether it was his fault or not his fault he always took blame for everything. I've always
    respected him.

    Q: One of the emotional stories around here, is linebacker David Pollack injuring his neck. You have a similar story, don't you?

    Yeah, uh, long long ago, before the new technology and all, I had to get my neck fused surgically, cervical vertebrae, and
    I know a little bit about what he is doing. But we had some guys in Dallas that ended up playing longer, Izell Reese and
    Darryl Johnson..I don't know if it's similar because I don't know enough about his injury, but they ended up playing

    Q: You were a former quarterback former linebacker. Are you a coach because of that injury? Did that force you in that direction?

    Made me lean that way, mostly because, I didn't know what else to do. You know my father was a coach for a long time. When the
    injury happened to me one of the coaches said, "Why don't you come on and see if you like doing this?" and I did, and things worked
    out pretty well.

    Q: Is there pressure being a coaches son? There is your dad's pilosophy and things you picked up along the way. Which do you lean towards?

    Oh uhhhh... well yes, there is pressure being a coach's son because there are a few questions whenever I call him: "Why couldn't you do
    this, why couldn't you do that?" But now my son has same problem, as a coach's assistant for the Saints. It's good to be able to call him
    and talk to him. We actually went on a hunting trip this last year. He brought his video tape with him and we sat.. he sat and watched football
    tapes. It was good.

    Q: So what do you like outside of football? What do you enjoy?

    I like being around my family. I have two daughters, a son and my wife. golfing hunting fishing, you know I'm an outdoors person. low maintenance.

    Q: When Marvin says you've been friends for a long time, what kind of a friend is Marvin?

    Marvin's a good friend, a tremendous person. He's a very caring individual and that was part of the reason I decided to come here.

    Q: Cinncinnati?

    Haven't heard too much about it. Coming from an area where there isn't too much snow, I've heard about the snow.
    Everybody has told me that it's a smaller big city, great city, easy to get around.

    [11th Q: small talk about Cinncinnati Bengals T shirt]

    Q: You gonna work out with the guys?


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